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Why Diversity and Inclusion Training in the Workplace is Important

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Leadership and management training online can only take you so far in facilitating effective teamwork in multicultural diverse teams. We need to couple this with online diversity training to secure the route to creating a sustainable high-performance methodology that makes the most of the unique authentic talents of all members.

When we look at some of the elements underpinning effective teamwork, we begin to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion training in the workplace. Starting with the need for teams to have a common purpose in pursuit of common goals. To achieve this, there needs to be alignment and consensus within the team about roles, values, behaviours, priorities, etc.

We cannot assume just because the organisation lays out a strategy and key plans that teams will naturally fall in line and make an optimal contribution. It takes many discussions to build a common purpose; people’s views, opinions, and different perspectives must be considered to enable moving forward.

Keys to teamwork

A shared passion and vision within a diverse team start with each team member coming to respect that each individual is vital to success. Diversity and inclusion training unlocks this potential and allows a greater prospect that people will begin to connect in the interests of creativity and performance. Therefore, common purpose and goals cannot be in any sense exclusionary; full participation is key.

It is easier to agree on a common approach to work-related activities when all participant’s core beliefs and principles are better understood across the team. People share more openly what is essential and what excites them about workplace goals. Online diversity training helps us to see past our assumptions and allows us to better focus on what is complementary and common amongst us.

By acknowledging that we cannot achieve alone, we grow in embracing our interdependence. This mindset will facilitate sharing across a broader spectrum of team activities and instil an orientation of mutual accountability. In an iterative way, trust is built up within the team as each team member feels more liberated within the team when they are seen more clearly and their involvement and impact, increasingly valued.

Whether teams are in close personal proximity or spread across the miles it is important that they get the same training. Diversity training Melbourne must match what the organisation subscribes to globally. There needs to be internal consistency for individuals within teams to thrive and feel safe to be themselves.

Ongoing leadership and management training online will ensure everyone remains inspired, encouraged, and open to feedback. The leader needs to continually coach and communicate around the vision to ensure teams remain on track. This is both in terms of their diversity and inclusion commitments as well as organisational needs to flourish and grow.

We need to combine all of the ingredients for effective teamwork to unleash the most out of each other and collectively win. Online diversity training ensures we understand that ultimately what we put in, we get out and this translates to more than simple bottom-line results.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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