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Discover the UK’s Top 10 Friendliest Cities for Your 2024 Staycation

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As more UK families opt for staycations over vacations, the appeal of friendly, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious travel grows.

A recent study anticipates that 28% of families will choose a UK city break this year. With each city offering its own unique charm, finding a destination that’s welcoming and amiable is a top concern for travellers. We delved into this matter by determining the UK’s friendliest cities for 2024.

To ascertain the UK’s most welcoming destinations, we turned to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and TripAdvisor. The ONS provided insights on the personal well-being of residents in major towns and cities, while TripAdvisor contributed evaluations of general hospitality levels. After compiling this data and considering population sizes, each location received a score out of 100.

The study, conducted by LNER, encompassed the UK’s largest cities, evaluating them based on the life satisfaction, hospitality, and personal contentment of residents.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Blackpool

Blackpool, famed for its Pleasure Beach, Illuminations, and Tower, now holds the title of the friendliest UK destination for 2024. Residents exhibit high levels of life satisfaction and hospitality, with the city leading in five-star-rated restaurants and hotels. Accessibility is a breeze, especially via LNER, offering a seamless travel experience.

2. Brighton

Brighton, renowned for its eclectic charm, ranks second. It boasts a considerable number of top-tier hospitality venues. Despite a lower happiness score, Brighton’s high life satisfaction and sense of purpose keep it at the forefront of friendly destinations. LNER provides easy access to this vibrant coastal town.

3. York

York, a city steeped in history, clinches third place. It balances a rich past with a welcoming present, highlighted by its life satisfaction rating and abundance of quality establishments. Situated conveniently between London and Edinburgh, York is easily reachable for a charming city break.

4. Newcastle upon Tyne

In fourth place, Newcastle shines with its friendly populace and historical significance. Ranking high in life satisfaction, it offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, nightlife, and approachability, all easily accessible by train.

5. Edinburgh

Edinburgh ranks as the fifth friendliest city and tops Scotland. Combining historical sites, stunning landscapes, and exceptional hospitality, Edinburgh is a must-visit destination. With LNER, accessing this Scottish gem is straightforward.

6. Bath

Bath, with its Roman roots and UNESCO World Heritage status, stands sixth. Its impressive ratio of five-star rated establishments and high happiness score make it a welcoming city rich in history and culture.

7. Chester

Chester, vibrant and dynamic, takes the seventh spot. Known for its medieval architecture, shopping, and zoo, Chester balances modern amenities with historical charm, underpinned by a high number of quality hospitality venues.

8. St Albans

Eighth-ranked St Albans, the smallest city in the top ten, stands out for its high life satisfaction and sense of purpose. Rich in history and cultural attractions, St Albans proves size isn’t everything in hospitality.

9. Colchester

Ninth-placed Colchester, Britain’s first Roman capital, combines a deep history with a warm contemporary vibe. High life satisfaction and happiness scores cement its position as a friendly and fascinating destination.

10. Chelmsford

Chelmsford, though small, boasts the highest happiness score among the top ten. Known for its architecture and serene atmosphere, it offers quality hospitality, making it an ideal getaway spot.

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