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Discover an Age-Old Thermal Wellness Ritual in London

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Prepare to embark on a transformative wellness journey as Banya No.1, the first bathhouse in London, proudly joins the 7th World Wellness Weekend celebrations this autumn on 15th–17th September 2023.

Embrace World Wellness Weekend

World Wellness Weekend is an annual global celebration that unites individuals in pursuit of better health and well-being. This year’s event promises enriching experiences and activities that enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

An exhilarating thermal experience

Discover a haven of authentic thermal wellness at Banya No.1, where ancient rituals and bespoke services create an unparalleled experience. Step into our traditional banya-inspired bathhouse, the first of its kind in London, and immerse yourself in the art of Parenie – our signature thermal ritual using leafy bundles of birch, oak, and eucalyptus twigs – designed to rejuvenate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.

Global ambassador

We are delighted to announce that the founder of Banya No.1, Andrei Fomin, has been appointed as the Global Ambassador for Banyas at World Wellness Weekend. This prestigious role recognises Andrei’s dedication to promoting wellness and his commitment to fostering community through transformative thermal experiences.

During the World Wellness Weekend, our three locations, including an international branch in Tbilisi, will host a diverse range of events. We are also excited to confirm the participation of renowned banyas, including World Spa NYCDudka Bar from Thailand, and Woloshin Banya from Moldova, in this year’s highly anticipated festivities.

Exclusive free events for World Wellness Weekend

As part of our participation in World Wellness Weekend, Banya No.1 will host exclusive events at both our Hoxton and Chiswick locations. These complimentary experiences offer unique opportunities to embrace our exhilarating thermal experience and discover the fundamental principles of the Parenie ritual: 

Parenie Ritual Masterclass

Banya No.1–Hoxton

Join us at our Hoxton location for a 90-minute Parenie Masterclass. Our team of professional Steam Masters will guide you through various aspects, including:

  • Preparing the steam room
  • Selecting the perfect broom
  • Working with the steam
  • Mastering simple and complex movements
  • Ensuring H&S during the Parenie ritual 

Additionally, enjoy a rejuvenating aroma steam session, relax, and recharge in the comfort of our Nordic-inspired ambience, all while enjoying the pleasant company of our expert team.

Exhilarating Thermal Experience

Banya No.1–Chiswick

Enjoy an invigorating 3-hour Banya session at our Chiswick location. Your session includes:

  • Parenie ritual
  • Ice Rub
  • Honey & salt scrub – a nourishing and detoxifying organic treatment that tones and improves skin texture, leaving the skin glowing

Rejuvenate your senses and embrace the therapeutic benefits of our age-old rituals in the unique atmosphere of Banya No.1– Chiswick.

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