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1 in 3 DINKs Say Modern Life Moments Are Not Celebrated Enough

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The TikTok trend highlighting the lives of DINKs (double income, no kid households) has soared in recent months, with content creators taking to the platform to celebrate the benefits of waiting longer to have children or simply choosing not to have children.

But with no baby showers or children’s birthday parties for their friends and family to attend, greetings cards and celebration experts cardfactory commissioned research to reveal the less-traditional milestones DINKs want their loved ones to celebrate with them.

The survey, which highlights the importance of celebrating life’s moments, found that one in three (31%) DINKs feel that their friends and family only celebrate traditional milestones, such as getting married and having a baby. 

However, a similar number (28%) of respondents claim their friends and family celebrate all their life moments, even those considered less traditional. For one in three (30%), family and friends are willing to adapt as they admit that if the milestone is important to them, they will celebrate it.

When asked which less-traditional life moments they’d like their loved ones to celebrate with them, job promotions were the top choice (57%), while buying a dream home (53%) and achieving a personal goal (48%), such as running a marathon, closely followed.

Top 10 non-traditional milestones DINKs want you to celebrate with them

  • Job promotion (57%)
  • Buying your dream home (53%)
  • Achieving a personal goal (48%)
  • Career change (40%)
  • Starting your own business (38%)
  • Overcoming health struggles (37%)
  • Overcoming mental health struggles (27%)
  • Getting a new pet (22%)
  • Leaving a negative relationship (21%)
  • Taking a bucket list trip (20%)

Breaking the data down by age, those aged 16–24 and 25–34 year-olds are the most passionate about celebrating the end of a negative relationship (28% and 27%, respectively). In contrast, older respondents (aged 55+) were the age group least likely to want to celebrate modern life moments with friends and family (30%). 

While a thoughtful text message (68%) or phone call (60%) proved to be an acceptable way to celebrate life’s modern moments, more than two in five (42%) prefer to receive personalised cards as a token of congratulations.

Commenting on the research, Amy Greenshields, gifting expert at cardfactory says: “As fewer and fewer people are getting married and having children right away, or even at all, it’s important to remember that what is an important milestone for you, might not be to others, and that’s okay. Our study shows plenty of life moments to celebrate and so much joy.

“Being more mindful of modern-day, less-traditional life moments means we can maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships with our loved ones, no matter if we’re on different life paths. 

“While we all deserve to be celebrated, doing so doesn’t need to break the bank. Our research shows a thoughtful, personalised card is all you need to show someone you care.”

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