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How Digital Technology Provides Better Living Conditions for the Elderly

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Science and technology fundamentally exist to improve human lives and living conditions. They benefit not only younger generations but also the elderly.

With digital technology, our senior citizens can stay socially connected and keep in touch with friends and family. All humans need social contact to retain physical and mental vitality. Older people need it even more and they have been using the internet to this end.

More precisely, 75% of them use it to communicate with their families. Many of the older people follow groups on social networks to stay socially updated. A team gathered around MedAlertHelp found this data quite interesting so they investigated this topic further. Before you check out the infographic below to see the results of their investigation, see what were the main highlights we wanted to draw your attention to.

Internet for the elderly

Facebook seems to be a personal favourite for the elderly. Perhaps this is because they find the platform easier to navigate and more interactive than other social networks. A survey was conducted on the use of popular social platforms among older internet users and it revealed that they shared updates and posts on Facebook at a 19% higher rate than younger people.

Learning is not only for the young. As humans, we learn until we die. Studies reveal that many old people access the internet for self-education. In fact, 53% of them browse the web to educate themselves about healthcare or medical issues.

This is vital since a majority of older adults tend to have age-related health issues. With the internet, they can learn how to manage and even improve their condition. This has often proved to be a lifesaver for the old.

It also helps them to stay mentally sharp. You read that right! Roughly 54% of them keep themselves entertained on the web, watch online videos, or favourite TV programmes.

Also, lots of them claim it is vital to play online games. More precisely, 26% of them said that they play online games to remain mentally alert.

Baby boomers in the digital age

Digital technology has provided leeway for physically challenged older people to carry out many of the activities they love on their own. With smartphones, they can access the internet to do some shopping, do banking activities, and keep themselves entertained.

These and more are the diverse ways tech has enhanced the lives of the elderly. For more interesting facts on this, check out the infographic below:

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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