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Event: Digital Subjectivity and Mediated Intimacy at Coventry University


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The Centre for Postdigital Cultures would like to invite you to our Digital Subjectivity and Mediated Intimacy Conference on 22nd–23rd November at Coventry University.

In this two-day event, we look towards creating an assemblage of ideas, concepts, thoughts and equivalences between a number of projects. The starting point for this assemblage is the TubeCrush project, funded by the British Academy, which aimed to tap into a web of concerns, including but not limited to: contemporary masculinity, the city, digital media, the shareability of images, urban workplaces, intimate relationship and privacy and consent.

Taking our cue from the project, the work presented over these two days will ‘call at a number of stations’, exploring how these concerns have influenced others’ work and how they have come to shape other projects. In doing so, we hope to create two days that will ‘scale out’, rather than ‘scale up’, and provide connections between research in a way that is exploratory and relational.

In this two-day event, we look towards creating an assemblage of ideas, concepts, thoughts and equivalences between a number of projects.

Included in the two days, and based on our own experiences and those of some of our speakers, are workshops that will speak to academic concerns about how research in gender and feminist studies can engage with the public and with impact.

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22 November

11.00–11.15 Introduction and welcome, Gary Hall
11.15–12.15 TubeCrush as Connected Intimacy, Adrienne Evans and Sarah Riley
12.15–13.15 Life so Instagrammable: Looking, showing and other image sharing practices on social media, Katrin Tiidenberg
13.15–14.00 Lunch
14.00–15.30 Impacting with gender research: Workshop, Heather Widdows
15.30–16.30 Nomadic urbanity and critical inquiry, Ali Madanipour
16.30–17.00 Next stop

23 November

10.30–11.00 Moving forward – responses
11.00–12.00 Mind the gap: Technological attachments and interstitial time, Sharif Mowlabocus
12.00–13.00 Affective economies of gendered value: Exploring idealised feminine embodiment in public advertising, Jessica Ringrose and Kaitlyn Regehr
13.00–14.00 Lunch
14.00–15.30 Open market and open space technology: Workshop, Sarah Riley and Adrienne Evans
15.30 Coffee/networking/closing discussion

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