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Tavistock Relationships to Create Digital Resources for Separated Parents

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Tavistock Relationships is pleased to announce that, in partnership with the technology company Axis12, it has been awarded the Government’s contract for the development of a behaviour change programme for parents in family court proceedings.

Family courts in England receive around 45,000 applications per year from separated parents who can’t agree to ‘spending time with’ arrangements for their children.

The behaviour change programme – which will be overseen by Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) – will see the development and roll-out of e-learning resources and group work sessions to help parents (and extended family members) understand the impact of the parental conflict has on children, as well as the development of a digital parenting plan.

Modern, interactive materials will be designed and developed to meet the needs of today’s parents. This contract will support the delivery of a modern service by Cafcass delivery partners that achieves evidence-based outcomes for parents, social value, and value for money.

Andrew Balfour, CEO of Tavistock Relationships, says: ‘With increasing numbers of separating parents unable to agree on arrangements for their children, and seeking recourse to the family courts to try to resolve their conflict, we are delighted to have been awarded this contract to produce e-learning materials and a group work programme, to help parents work through and resolve their disagreements.’

‘Research shows that exposure to unresolved parental conflict has significant negative effects on children, and we hope that this new digital approach will help separating parents to agree on a parenting plan without the need to go to court – improving outcomes for parents and their children.’

‘We believe that the award of this contract to Tavistock Relationships, in partnership with the digital developers Axis 12, is a recognition of our track record in helping reduce parental conflict, as well as our ability to produce engaging and varied digital tools, which can help support behaviour change in parents who are in conflict.’

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