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SastaSundar Starts PAN India Services as an Online Pharmacy and Digital Healthcare Platform

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A leading name in the space of Indian online pharmacy, digital platform of healthcare SastaSundar has started PAN India services. 

Supported by a network of physical counselling and service centres called Healthbuddies, the service verticals of SastaSundar are Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Wellness. The organisation guarantees supply of genuine medicine.

SastaSundar is building its business block by block, and it is already fully operational in the Indian states of West Bengal, Delhi-Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Uttarakhand and in the North-Eastern parts of India. With two Area Logistics Centres already up and running in West Bengal and Noida, the 3rd Area Logistics Centre and Healthbuddy network have now been initiated in Maharashtra as well. The places where the organisation is not building its Healthbuddy network currently, are being serviced via courier and, therefore, SastaSundar is sufficing doorstep delivery to customers almost across PAN India.

The total number of PIN codes served is 15.5k+ countrywide.

The name ‘SastaSundar’ is derived from a popular Indian phrase in terms of consumer experience of Savings and Quality. 

In terms of cost and consumer experience, the organisation has been able to develop the most efficient online pharmacy and digital healthcare platform in India. Its customer traction bears the testimony. Its total registered customer base is more than 30 lakhs, till date.

SastaSundar enjoys a premium Alexa ranking of 237 in India. Its app has a Google Android rating of 4.5. 

During the COVID-19 disruption period of April to June 2020, SastaSundar delivered 18 lakh+ orders right to the consumer doorsteps following all safety protocols. With its efficient model, SastaSundar is the first company in India, in the e-pharmacy space, to almost break even.

The organisation’s endeavours captured the Government’s attention as well. In August 2020, the SastaSundar app was handpicked by GOI as one of India’s best AatmaNirbhar App in the ‘Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’. 

The consistent efforts of SastaSundar to address India’s healthcare problems have garnered support from marquee investors like Mitsubishi Corporation & Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Taking inspiration from the Government’s ‘Fit India Movement’, SastaSundar started its programme ‘YANA Diet Clinic’ – a unique online diet clinic to help one lose weight and reduce medicine intake. Apart from auto meal plans which get generated in a matter of seconds, one can also opt for Personalised Diet Consultation with senior YANA Clinic dietitians. With its steady and sincere efforts, the diet clinic has already reached a customer base exceeding 25k. 

For user convenience, the personalisation feature on the SastaSundar platform provides the user with recommendations of all the relevant products, devices, diagnostic tests and useful information from its knowledge resources basis the user’s particular health condition. This delivers a seamless and bespoke user experience. 

Based on knowledge of the customer health conditions, tastes, buying habits and preferences, search results are personalised and prioritised. Integrated Search rendering results related to keywords pertaining to Medicines, Wellness Products, Diagnostic Tests, Doctors and Articles, in a single box is a unique property of SastaSundar. The organisation is a pioneer in this space.

Innovation and industriousness run in the vein of SastaSundar. The organisation accepted the challenge of COVID-19 with full caution and preparedness. It started preparing in mid-February, and by lockdown, it was ready to seamlessly supply genuine medicine, healthcare and OTC products (including essentials like masks, sanitisers, thermometers) to the customers’ doorstep. Not even for a minute were the services closed.

SastaSundar also built one of the largest Knowledge Resource Centres on COVID-19: a website and app library with a huge repository of articles, video, infographics, informative posters and health guideline adaptations which amount to nearly 1000+ collaterals in various formats. All information are drafted/vetted by in-house specialists and domain experts and are absolutely free to be accessed by all.

The social media campaigns by SastaSundar on generating awareness on COVID-19 prevention have also garnered impressive traction.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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