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Digital Addictions Specialist Works at The Cabin Group to Enhance Game Addiction Treatment Programme


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Jamison Wiggins is an expert in digital addiction, an all-encompassing term that involves the compulsive use of mobile devices, screens, social media, gaming, the internet and streaming content, despite negative consequences to the user of the technology. He is working in collaboration with The Cabin Group to enhance their world-leading gaming addiction treatment programme and introduce digital addiction modules into each of their specialist programmes.

Jamison’s background makes him uniquely qualified for his role as Digital Addiction Consultant. In 2011, he completed a Masters in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His thesis focused on emergent technology use disorder – also known as digital addiction – which drew on his personal experience of overcoming screen addiction. Growing up, he spent up to 47 hours a week online, which left him feeling anxious and depressed.

After graduating, Jamison launched a website providing information to families whose loved ones had phone and/or gaming addiction. Through the website, people started contacting him for expert advice. Jamison saw the lack of support and resources available for young people and their families and this encouraged him to find a way to help digital addicts on a larger scale.

Jamison was therefore drawn to The Cabin Group when he heard about their innovative gaming addiction treatment programme. He wanted to share his experience of researching and working with young men in the US who were suffering with digital addictions, as well as drawing on his first-hand knowledge as a former digital addict. Through his work with The Cabin Group, Jamison is helping many people break the cycle of addiction and turn their lives around.

Jamison has also established his own consultancy business and is focused on building a digital addiction platform with all the latest academic research, media information and clinical evidence. His vision is to create an expert hub to inform digital addicts, families and clinicians about the issues of gaming addiction, appropriate technology usage, warning signs and treatment options.

Jamison is a self-described geek who loves to engage with technology but knows that it’s all about finding the right balance. Unlike most substance addictions, complete abstinence from technology is not a sustainable solution for long-term recovery. In the modern world an all-or-nothing approach is not viable as technology touches all aspects of our lives. However, Jamison believes it’s crucial that humans use technology rather than the other way around.


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