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The Different Types of Weed and Their Effects

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Weed or cannabis often refers to a psychoactive drug, which plays the significant role of a medicinal substitute and recreational drug. Several types of weed or marijuana are available, which can be smoked or vaped, and everything in between.

In case you don’t know, marijuana is that particular weed type, which mainly refers to the dried stems, seeds, flowers, and leaves of the Cannabis plant. So, how many weed types are there? If you have been searching for that answer, this article has summed up top weed species along with their effects on humans. Let’s get straight to it.

Major weed types and their effects

The most potent weed has a maximised ratio of Tetrahydrocannabinol to Cannabidiol, implying a higher % of THC than CBD. Therefore, CBD thwarts the THC effects when the ratios become almost identical. This is how both of these levels determine their effects on a human. However, the leading weed types are shown below:

  • Indica. The origination of Cannabis indica was from the “Kush” region, in the proximity of Afghanistan. Due to its emergence from mountainous and freezing climates, these weeds are shorter types and seem more like a bush.  Leaves of Cannabis indica are fuller, rounder, and darker than their Sativa counterpart. Here, in this cannabis dispensary, you will get every weed type. This C. indica generates excessive Tetrahydrocannabinol and a minimum amount of CBD.  Hence, it’s characterised as a potent weed, which offers a good sedative effect. Therefore, this particular type of potent weed is consumed at night prior to going to bed as it provides a highness because of its soothing effects.

Effects on health: Indica is used by those struggling with insomnia due to its extreme relaxing effects. According to a recent study, people have gained more relief from pain after using indica weed compared to Sativa. This effect can be observed due to the enhanced levels of THC. 

  • Sativa. Sativa originated from South Africa and Mexico, which grows rapidly with tall and thin leaves. In contrast to indica, C. sativa possesses lower THC levels and maximum % of CBD. 

Effects on health: The cannabis sativa strains are primarily consumed in the afternoon or morning, and these have highly stimulating effects. Because of such effects, anxious and depressed people tend to consume this weed, which is also known to relieve ADHD symptoms, and other mood maladies.

  • Hybrid. Hybrid weed strains are manufactured with the help of cross germination of the seeds of two general Cannabis strains. Here, the motto is to provide goodness for both weeds in humans. For a gentle reminder, those available weeds are mainly the combination of Indica and Sativa instead of the individuals. 

Effects on health: The hybrids provide the most subjugating effect, such as C. sativa species will more likely offer superior invigorating results.

Well, that’s all! Although the aforementioned weed types provide a body-high, cognitive, and energising effect, you must remember that marijuana could be addictive.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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