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5 Different Types of Medical Writing

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Medical writing and medical communication is a very specialised kind of technical writing, and so it’s a niche area. This particular career path also provides several lucrative sub-niches, and each one of these sub-niches creates various kinds of articles that call for the skills of a healthcare writer.

Our medical writers write?

Lots of individuals do not know what a medical writer writes. A lot of individuals don’t realise that medical writing can be a profession. Listed here are five of the most typical kinds of content that a medical writer can produce, whether they’re working as a freelance writer or an employee.

Medical news

Medical News Health-related news stories ordinarily feature succinct journalistic stories that sum up the newest findings in clinical studies. The news pieces could be either brief and sweet, or they could be feature stories that quote several researchers, doctors, and/or key industry stakeholders. Health freelance writers may also go to seminars to deal with late-breaking research findings for healthcare news publications on the ground.

Since research is published every day, there’s a requirement for a lot of medical writers to create regular news stories. A terrific way for a novice medical writer to find out about various therapeutic areas is by reading medical news articles. As a healthcare news reporter, a writer is going to be instructed on how to determine the most crucial areas of a research study, which is also helpful for other kinds of medical publishing tasks.

Continuing medical education (CME)

Physicians in almost all therapeutic areas need regular continuing medical education (CME) credits to help keep their credentials up to date. A CME program deals with present gaps in knowledge between physicians and industry, or both.

To deal with these knowledge gaps, a CME medical author could help a CME provider produce a slide deck on a particular condition, create a literature review post or conduct requires assessments (such as grant proposals to pharmaceutical companies). If you’re a healthcare writer and are keen on CME writing, you might wish to sign up for the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Professions to get a much better idea about CME and to interact with other health writers.

Medical manuscripts 

CME as well as biotechnology businesses publish regular articles in medical journals. These articles might include a literature review or a paper that reports new results from a stage 1 study. A medical writer can help with composing the manuscript for these businesses and in the submission procedure for a medical journal.

Medical freelance writers usually make use of an author-approved outline supplied by the organization or their customer. Throughout the process of preparing the manuscript, frequent conferences will often be required to make sure that key events are achieved before the deadline.


Regulatory writing is a kind of technical writing that’s needed by Regulatory agencies. Pharmaceutical companies frequently hire regulatory authors to create New Drug Applications, Clinical Study Reports, Investigational New Drug Applications, along with various other Common Technical Documents.

Medical advice

Regulated writing is the most formal category when compared with other types of medical writing since it’s based a lot more on specific facts and less on imagination. For individuals that are accustomed to writing news articles or long-pieces, patient education, or form journals that call for the theoretical explanation of health concepts, it can be challenging.

If you’re a healthcare writer and want to enhance your Regulatory writing abilities or are studying Regulatory writing, the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society provides several classes.

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