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A Chuckle a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away – 6 Different Types of Jokes

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Believe it or not, there are two types of people – those who love dirty jokes and others who are lying. Oh come on, admit it. It isn’t necessary that all jokes be family-friendly and G-rated. Sometimes, there are jaw-droppingly naughty raunchy jokes that you’d feel a little weird even sharing them with your close friends; never mind a consenting stranger in a pub. But even so, we just need to share them.

As cheesy at it may sound, laughter is still the best medicine. So here are the different types of jokes that can make us laugh – even for just a while.

Smutty jokes

The roller coaster ride of terror even knowing about the safety features brings the adrenal rush of screaming. The screams with terror even though you know you’re perfectly safe; meaning all the vile things that make sense when a roller coaster takes its first plunge. So, it’s the same with really great, dirty jokes. These lewd, smutty jokes have a sense of unreality to them. 

Knock-knock jokes

The veritable crazy jokes of 1930s on the radio, newspaper, business ads, and the jokes incorporated in songs were staged along with the joke clubs. But as quickly as this genre of humour rose to prominence, it was just as quickly. Well, knocked back by critics who found these quite hokey and tiresome. Divisive to the times, these knock-knock jokes with the word-play and puns elicit much laughter from the children and eye-rolling laughter bursts from the adults. 

Lame jokes

To few, jokes actually make them laugh out loud (especially the ones which involve poo), but my own sense of humour may not have evolved. Some jokes are simpler, while others are actually kind of sophisticated and high-brow with their punning styles, and are better for older kids and adults who you want to simultaneously guffaw and roll their eyes.

Absurd jokes

There are a number of ways where humans are fooled, hoaxed and misled for fun. Humans are one of the most gullible creatures on the planet. The punchline is corny, and they already know it’s coming; having heard the same since their own childhood. So here, April Fool’s Day is the best time to reflect on the psychology of gullibility and one’s willingness to believe the most absurd jokes.

Belittling jokes

Jokes and humour play with our expectations. History says we laugh when we feel superior. Humour tends to dissolve the tensions and reveal suppressed desires. But sometimes it may amuse and reinforce one’s surroundings and oneself. And sometimes belittling by making fun of others or a few may be inspiring, thus making the everyday life better especially in a crisis.

Branded jokes

It is undoubted that the jokes that tickle the libido have become the in-thing. Mainstream newspapers and magazines use jokes regularly, mentioning businessmen huddle in the corner guffawing at the latest and the housewives spending most of the times swapping phones. Brand new jokes, boiled down to a single word or idea, really suck and bomb the audience. Forget the prudery and throw out the inhibitions. 

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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