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New UK Survey Published Shows the Devastating Impact Thyroid Conditions Can Have on Sexual and Mental Health

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A new UK study of people diagnosed with thyroid disorders has revealed nearly three-quarters (71%) of those surveyed believe the health condition has negatively affected their sexual function.  

Commissioned by leading at-home healthcare testing provider Medichecks, 70% of male and female participants said they had experienced low libido, with 44% of male respondents highlighting erectile dysfunction as an issue. Reduced sexual satisfaction (26%) and difficulty reaching orgasm (21%) were some of the other symptoms cited. 

88% experienced mental health problems as a result of their condition, including low mood (76%), an inability to think clearly or concentrate (71%), lack of motivation (70%), feeling misunderstood (55%) and insomnia (52%). 

According to Cormendi Health, it’s estimated that as many as one in 20 people may have a thyroid condition. 

While targeted treatment can help alleviate many symptoms of thyroid problems, delays in diagnosis – 32% of those surveyed said they had waited over a year between symptoms and diagnosis, can leave many people struggling for months, even years, with debilitating health problems.  

Indeed, 88% of the survey respondents felt they’d had to take matters into their own hands to manage the condition. 

Dr Natasha Fernando, a GP and head of clinical excellence at Medichecks, explains: “Thyroid disorders are notoriously difficult to recognise because many symptoms, like extreme fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches, depression, and slow movement and thoughts, can also be linked to so many other conditions.” 

“The road to securing a diagnosis isn’t straightforward, and some people can be very reticent about talking about some of their symptoms, especially if they involve their sex lives and mental health. For example, they might link a low libido to feeling tired or stressed at work and trying to struggle.” 

“But if someone’s sex drive has dropped significantly, or they are experiencing erectile dysfunction, they should not suffer in silence. Always mention it to your GP, especially if some of the other more well-recognised symptoms of thyroid dysfunction mentioned here sound familiar too.” 

“Taking a comprehensive blood test can also be a useful and discreet first step in helping to discover whether your symptoms are thyroid related or if there is something else amiss.” 

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