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Dermoi to Showcase the Latest Achievements in Skin and Hair Industry in This Year’s British Beauty Week

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British Beauty Week arranged by the British Beauty Council happens once a year and is a celebration of the British hair and beauty industry. During this week, key brands, and individuals come together to discuss key advancements and issues within the industry and to celebrate how beauty changes lives.

For the first time, Dermoi is hosting an event during British Beauty Week to celebrate the power of beauty and its latest achievements.

Dermoi’s CEO and CSO will be joined by four key experts from the brand’s Noble Panacea, Vida Glow, PCA Skin, and Totally Derma to speak through top advancements in skin and hair care. ​

With British Beauty Week approaching, Dermoi will be bringing to light the ‘Latest Achievements in Skin & Hair Care’. 

Millie Kendall, CEO of British Beauty Council, said: ‘Many people have in the past underestimated the power of beauty. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our industry is at the heart of every community. It brings people together, it boosts confidence and wellbeing, and it provides an enormous contribution to the UK’s GDP. This is all something to celebrate.’ 

Many are unaware of the true power of beauty and the ability to manage skin conditions within the comfort of your own home. Skin and hair care can be confusing for many due to the changes in technology and formulation within the cosmeceutical industry and the fact that certain proof is not required by law. This means that scientifically formulated products with active ingredients, proven benefits, and next-generation technologies, are positioned next to other skincare brands that cannot elicit biological change to the skin.

In addition, it can be extremely difficult for many to understand skincare ingredients, formulation science, and the skin tissue – and therefore, it feels impossible for many to use advanced skincare. This is why we have our scientists analyzing and explaining every product we offer – so you can be sure, that whatever you find at Dermoi is good for your skin, hair, and overall well-being.  

Dermoi is a skincare platform for the latest achievements in skincare and beauty. Every product is selected and endorsed by our in-house scientists.  Building a quality-controlled skincare platform, ensuring you get the best support, knowledge, and result-driven products to help tackle each and every skin concern.

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