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Derek Batty Wins the Psychreg Podcast Contest

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Last 20th January, Psychreg launched a contest where we asked you to subscribe to the Psychreg Podcast and leave us a review. We are grateful to everyone who joined the contest. The contest came to a close this 20th February, and we finally have a winner: Derek Batty.

I personally went to see Derek in Cambridge to give him his winning of £30 worth of Amazon voucher. Through my meeting with him, I found out that he is a Life Drawing tutor. Although I don’t have an artistic side, by glorious coincidence I found that our interests overlap—as there are certain elements of art that are undeniably tied in with psychotherapy and health psychology. 

With this in mind, I seized the opportunity to invite him to guest on the Psychreg Podcast and pair him with a psychotherapist to talk about the psychological benefits that people could derive from artistic activities. I’ll keep you posted on this.

For now, a warm congratulations to Derek. 

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