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Depressing Mondays and Exciting Fridays

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Monday, Tuesday completed. Finally, two more days to reach the weekend finishing the week, as long as Wednesday isn’t counted. Wednesday – the middle of the working week – sometimes referred to by some as ‘hump day’ or ‘slump day’ or the ‘down day’. However you refer to Wednesday, it could be considered as the day with no accomplishments of defining it other than climbing the proverbial hill to pass another tough week. 

Low energy during Wednesday and sinking into the depths of another fruitless work week seems like a glass-half-empty, thus wasting the Wednesday. However, to reorganise any day as a glass-half-full mindset, reconvene and restructure the workday, fueling with fresh inspiration and creativity.

Get up and jump day

Work on Mondays with previous planning on the finish of the weekend begins with the focus. Tuesday requires the person to target individual tasks and thus become more productive. Establishing the momentum on Tuesday throughout the week is making oneself sure to clear off the work desk and ensure a positive start to Wednesday. 

Early office

Put in more mental and physical effort to make Wednesday a hump day and a special day. Timely arrival at the office, earlier than your co-workers, is a head start to generate more spirits and energy at the top of the day. One should feel more relaxed and productive than when entering the office as all colleagues are present. Not to mention, all the successful people do it.

Silent meditation

When one feels at least half of the week is over, as Wednesday begins the middle of the work-week, giving the relaxed feeling of the week soon to be over for work. Honour Wednesday seriously as you walk in to start your day at the office. Introspecting the workspace is enjoyable and fun. Meditating by sitting behind your office desk for as little as 5–10 minutes clears the mind as it removes the emotions and intellectual barriers to productivity. One can increase energy by remembering to breathe deeply.


Overall performance for the week is changed by the mindset. Just think – hump day can boringly set you up for more productive days – Thursdays and Fridays being the least productive days of the week. Thus enhancing the creativity along with the output is an extra incentive for the day. Jot down your overall intention and the will to carry out the tasks for the day and sketch the individual intentions for the rest of the week. Keep a list of creative ideas, emails to write and calls to return. It is all to break the block of the perfect moment.

Break day

Always treat yourself with few pampering little gifts, eat tasty and nutritious energy-giving foods during the day to feel better and stretch at your desk when your spirit moves you. Give it a break, hang the neurotransmitters upside down, either from your chair or in a corner of your office. It is a disaster to sit continuously for eight hours at the desk without moving. Make every day a wonderful workday.

The choice is yours. Love 100% or love Wednesdays.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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