Denise O’Dwyer

Denise O’Dwyer is a Registered and Chartered Psychologist, based in the West of Ireland.  Her main research interests are in the areas of adult mental health, wellness and recovery, acquired brain injury and the psychology of exercise and sport. She is also a qualified Professional Fitness Instructor, thus enabling the ultimate combination of her passion for fitness, with an inherent belief in the psychological and physiological benefits of exercise.

Having recently completed Post-Doctoral research, on the effectiveness of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) with Mental Health and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)  populations, O’Dwyer  is a bona fide proponent of the application of  “Simple Daily Strategies”, to improve one’s mental health and well-being.  Results of an eight week WRAP intervention programme, revealed significant positive changes for both the ABI and Mental Health groups. Effects such as lowered Anxiety and Depression ( as measured by HADS, BDI and BAI) indicated, that by introducing ‘Daily Wellness Tools’ , ‘Identification of Triggers and Early Warning Signs’, ‘Notes on When things are Breaking Down’ and ‘Crisis and Post Crisis Planning’, the effects were remarkably significant.

She carries this message through to her practice in Psychology, advocating  good nutrition, daily exercise, water, sunshine, positive relationships, engagement in hobbies and interests, mindfulness, and an established sense of purpose, in offering a great deal towards assisting people with mental health management, and achievement of life goals. An eclectic, and creative person, she utilises her love of Art, Culture, Literature, Music, Fashion and Philosophy, in expressing her psychological wisdom and teachings. You can follow her on Twitte.

Published: 10 November 2015

Last update: 24 August 2016

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