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Dementia Task Planner Set to Increase Independence and Support Caregivers

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Relish has launched the new Day Range to aid those with dementia in daily routine and timekeeping, helping people with dementia live independently and at home for longer.

More than 6.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s dementia, and there are over 11 million unpaid caregivers, according to the Alzheimer’s Association

The numbers are rising each year, and due to a lack of education about dementia and awareness of meaningful and life-changing products, many people with dementia may go into care facilities or require nursing home care too early.

Further figures from Alzheimer’s Association’s latest report show unpaid caregivers provide an estimated 18 billion hours of care, valued at $339.5 billion.

The US’s current cost for memory care is nearly $1,800 a week, depending on the state and facilities offered.

Prolonging the need for specialist care is something the creators of dementia wellbeing products, Relish, have been focussed on.

“We want people to remain independent in their own homes for as long as safely possible, which is why we’ve developed the Day Range to help tackle the issues of routine, awareness of time and independence.” Ben Atkinson-Willes, CEO of Relish.

Clocks and memory aids are among the top-selling dementia products; however, Relish’s Day Hub combines both products into one.

“The Day Range has been created to positively impact those with early-stage or undiagnosed dementia and support caregivers. The Day Hub and Day Connect have been designed as easy-to-use task prompters to help individuals maintain daily routines and remain independent at home for longer, prolonging the need for specialist care.

“Many with dementia need a reminder of the time of day to eat, shower, or even turn a light off. Moreover, because of the reduced memory inherent with dementia, they often can’t remember if they have done important tasks like taking medication, with the real risk of overdosing.

“This is why we felt it important to include a task list feature with a clock to offer reminders and alerts to complete each task, with a visible daily record of completed tasks. By being able to customise your daily tasks and be prompted when to do so, we hope that this delays the need for moving into a care facility.” Atkinson-Willes added.


The Day Hub is fully customisable to the individual and their daily routine. Thanks to the alerts feature, you can tick off the task when it’s done to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement, keep track of routine, and never miss a task. This is also beneficial for any family member or caregiver to see what tasks have been completed throughout the day, allowing them to support the routine from afar and put trust and confidence in their loved one.

The task alert feature is also integral to the Day Hub, especially regarding time-sensitive tasks and timekeeping. The benefits of this device in and around the home would be hugely impactful in many ways, enabling those with dementia to stay home longer. 

Pairing the Day Hub with the Day Connect means you can have devices in multiple rooms and never miss an alert. We hope this new range supports the person using it and the caregivers too!

Additional features of the Day Hub 

  • Super HD display
  • Automatic time and date updates.
  • Weekday, time, and date clock as well as morning, afternoon and evening for the concept of time of day.
  • Automatically dims to ambient light throughout the day.
  • Fully customisable for sight and sound levels.
  • Personalise your own tasks each day with tickboxes.
  • It can be paired with other Day Connect devices to receive alerts around the home in different rooms.

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