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Dementia: The Shadows Take Over

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Life is a journey – don’t waste it. And for your Soul’s sake, try not to spend the entire time being something you’re not. I cannot imagine the remorse that I would feel on my deathbed, as I look back on my years spent here to realise that I had allowed fear to prevent me from truly living up to my full potential as the truest expression of me possible.

It is very apparent to me that in today’s world we reward the eccentric, the original, and unique. We admire those fearless individuals who are authentically themselves without care to others opinion or norms. It pays to be you. And you were fortunate enough to be the unique person that is standing in your shoes right now. So go be you, and if you’re already fully being that authentic self – then keep on ya badass.

Freedom comes with a price – and that price is you may be rocking the boat. You may even disappoint your parents or hear them speak their disapproval. But remember this – you came to live your life. Not to live a life based on someone else’s guidelines and not a life that is contingent on only a portion of who you truly are showing up each day. There were no filters handed out on the way into Earth’s atmosphere as we descended into being as the incarnation we each are – those filters were designed and made here. Readily handed onto us by our parents who raised us, for their own truth had been muzzled and their minds closed from expansions.

If you are reading this article then you should proceed with an open mind in the way you look at medicine and human anatomy, because the ideas proposed here are not going to be provable by scientific methods or logical mindsets. In fact, it will take the opposite of evidence-based beliefs – this new belief will take your faith without sight and a true connection to your heart’s intuition which will always guide you to your truth or at the very least will signal you toward the right school of thinking. Follow that heart – that mother fucker won’t lie to you. But it may be a little mad at times.

And if the madness isn’t sorted through and released, so that balance and harmony can be restored within – then the symptoms of dementia may arise at the end of life.

Dementia, a painful burden to carry as we will begin to watch our loved ones forgetting who we are, as they slip slowly into a different person entirely sometimes. This disease which can begin during the middle of someone’s life, but tends to arise as they age, gives science no hard evidence to pinpointing the causes of it. If you are unfamiliar with dementia, here are a few of the symptoms: memory loss, communication difficulties, declining cognitive abilities, and the most painful one for most families to see is the personality changes that can occur.

The changes in personalities are rarely reported as positive changes to the individual’s character and most often are described by the individual becoming more agitated, impatient, or reclusive.

The pain here is going to land on the loved ones of these individuals as the personality which they solemnly search for, with a determination to align the individual’s behaviours of the present, to the past routinely predictable patterns of interactions with one another. Unfortunately, the job will not be done by anything other than the personality traits being expressed out into the open and the individual not attaching to them or still trying to hide them. For the emergence of the shadow can come at the end of your life in a sort of takeover style, or the balancing of progressive steps towards fully expressing one’s true self in life and rewiring the phoney behaviours and areas of people-pleasing or conformity so they make room to transform into the new, and original self.

4 ways to prevent the shadow take over

  • Speak your truth, be genuine
  • Walk toward the fear, embrace the uncomfortable
  • Say yes to doing new things, and all the things you love to do
  • Find a career that is fulfilling and you enjoy

Sounds simple, right? Well speaking your truth is one that most of us neglect each and every day, as we say yes to things we don’t actually want to do.

For example, we remain respectful and kiss the asses of our bosses who we don’t even like. For the sake of a job that we spend upwards of 40 hours a week to accumulate the paper representation of gold which no longer exists even.

We keep our secrets hidden from the eyes of others, maybe it’s a fetish or some experience that left a memory weighted in shame or guilt – so rather than speak our truth, we judge ourselves and pre-perceive that others will judge us as well, building fears that block our ability to speak our truth. And by our, I mean the individual’s truth in question – for there is only one truth and that is the truth which is accepted by the eye of the beholder. Don’t fall for changing your own beliefs and truths into something based on what others tell you – that is another way we get lost here.

Know yourself. Know your truth. Know your worth children.

Our fears and our own judgements are the only true enemy

The desire to speak your truth or say exactly how you feel is something that should never be shut down for the sake of what others will think. We will continue to learn from the modern-day diseases that we see in the ageing population, such as, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The cure for dementia is found within the simplicity of speaking of one’s truth and living life genuinely to one’s own desires. Despite the possible ridicule or judgement that onlookers and friends may have, nor stopping for the approval of loved ones on the journey to reaching the life you envision.

Your life, your barriers, your expectations, and your focus. So focus on the endgame, without expectations on how it will turn out to be and without barriers to the life you can live. An example of this would be speaking your truth in the face of discomfort.

Living with someone new, you find they are leaving their dishes out for days before finally cleaning and putting them away. Do you say something right away? Or do you do like 95% of Americans do, who would rather sweep it under the rug and avoid confrontations at all costs? That awkward moment after you speak the truth or say something you’ve been holding in for too long is always the thing we dread. But we need to start looking beyond that awkward moment and realising that our internal struggles of holding onto things that bother us are far more.

Those are boundaries that the individual is aware of and able to acknowledge their importance to being a vital role in making it work as roommates living under one roof. Being able to communicate the boundaries and/or beliefs like this, before even allowing the chance of altercation to occur shows great self-awareness and self-respect.

This will break the accumulation of animosity or the building up of resentments that occur over a period of time of non-communication. Most of us can relate to having experiences where we chose to not say our truth at the moment when the opportunity presented itself to us – and nine times out of 10, it works out in serving us a dish of the exact thing we desired to avoid. All because we were too scared to be genuine and real to our beliefs and level of comfort – this is not to make the people-pleasers who read this feel guilty; rather it is meant to motivate and shine a light on the simplicity of being real with our words and our needs.

The dementia symptoms are a facet springing from the parts of a person’s psyche that wanted to speak freely or act freely throughout their whole life, but was shut down by the control centre in the brain for fear of judgement or going against the current (however that is displayed for the individual who we see experiencing these dementia symptoms).

A person who wanted to tell his boss to shut up his whole life, but never did for obvious reasons, well this man will be telling people to shut up or leave them alone in the stages which we consider symptomatic of displaying dementia. At the very least they will be ignoring the person whom they are discharging this backed up energy onto.

This all can be a difficult pill to swallow because there are no definitive means for medicine/science to agree upon a concrete understanding of the reasoning behind the truth behind dementia.

Trusting, faith or any kind of connection to a higher power or spirit will bring great strengths and a sense of comfort to the individual who is facing dementia or watching a loved one face dementia. Remember that the energy surrounding something like the Catholic Rosary is a conduit or channel that allows direct connection between the individual holding it with belief in their heart.

Learning intuition will take time, and be most patient with yourself. You may begin to realise that you have been following the wrong ‘voice’ this whole time, but it had still brought me exactly where I needed to go – win-win. If it resonates somewhat in you to you go re-involve yourself in a centre (spiritual) or church during the times of navigations that lay ahead of you on this path.

I wish you the best, my friend, my comrades, brothers, and sisters. For the mother divine, and the great father of lights had birthed the entirety of life forms here on Earth, I say you take it on faith. If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, then go ahead and toss it right out – no harm, no foul. Only you know what is right in your own heart, practice that right.

The conscious energetic recycling

  • These denied thoughts stay in our conscious energetic field
  • The energetic field is constantly evolving and recycling thoughts and energies
  • When the denial of facing or understanding an aspect of us – the mind is what blocks it out, but it never recycles or is let go
  • Always waiting for our attention, understanding, and love

Forgiveness, love and tolerance – especially while dealing with your inner turmoil, or being hard on yourself for things out of control. As most of life’s outcomes are a prime example of the benefits of practising a mindset of compassion, tolerance, and unconditional love – just as the teachers and prophets after him.

We must start looking at the individuals who are living with these diagnosed diseases as pioneers. As souls who have come to teach us in pointing to the little things which we should be grateful for. Things like our ability to remember who we are and most of the people in our life – a blessing which we would not have even thought of as a luxury to be grateful for, but thanks to the heartbreaking conditions of the present-day seniors who face dementia we are actually able to witness the contrast first hand on what life would be like without these unacknowledged capabilities.

Apparently, true feelings and words will come out at some point in time. The desired expression of feelings will find its way into the physical, but the most important thing is to follow your heart, don’t let your hormones guide you, try to stop using drugs and/or alcohol.

To the loved ones of dementia diagnosed individuals

Upon entering your own dark night of the soul, which you find yourself facing all the ancestral and karmic ties which need releasing or balancing. I recall sitting on the beach in Tulum, Mexico with my family and girlfriend of the time during the week of my 30th birthday – as they went to bed and I sat on the beach looking up at the moon and galaxies above – I asked one question: ‘What is the meaning of being here?’

Although there was no direct answer that night, the following month would prevail as the most paradigm-shattering time period in my life thus far – as my awakening began almost exactly a month after.

I remember recalling my first suppressed memories that were going to be revealed to me and, as I was confused by the sudden appearance of these visions in my mind, I still completely knew and even felt the very same thing which I felt in the memories I was envisioning. Remembering the first night home from the hospital, with a first-person view of my mother and father laying on the bed talking to one another, as I lay there looking at them, as the massive amounts of love in their eyes bled through the empty space between them.

I asked my father about this memory because the room and layout of what I envisioned were not any of the homes I remember living in. After describing the room and scene between him and my mother, he said: ‘That was the first night home from the hospital.’ and continued on to say: ‘Then, I looked at your mother and asked, what do we do now?’

Such a special moment in their life, that now I get to share with them. I will always remember that love I witnessed between the two of them, so long as I live. It was a line drawn in the sand of the first memory I have here in this lifetime.

Memories of the old personality

It is helpful to stop treating your loved ones with expectations of being the same person they were before. In fact, you are seeing the side of them they had held back and stuffed down for as long as they had to. Until finally, the true attachment of their identity to these behaviours and thought processes had become entrenched in the psyche and would only be perceived by the individual as themselves.

Just like in Jim Carrey’s movie: Me, Myself, and Irene – Jim Carrey was playing a Rhode Island highway patrol officer who had a bad habit of people-pleasing and allowed the people of his town to run all over him, mistaking his kindness for weakness. Until finally one day, he allowed a woman to cut in front in the grocery aisle. She had asked him to cut in line while standing there with only a handful of items. Jim Carrey’s character being the kind people-pleaser he was, allowed her to cut in, but then her two children pushing shopping carts filled to the brim with groceries came speeding past Jim.

As he stands there, his mind is undergoing combustion of all fuses that hold together his personality traits, specifically the ones that held him accountable to the standards of respectable societal norms that most of us uphold without question. After his mini-meltdown in the aisle which displayed the momentous occasion of his ‘alter-ego’ or ‘shadow self’ had finally been freed from the confines of the conditioning and pressures of societal standards he had to uphold, as well as, the co-dependent people-pleasing nature of his habits.

The abrupt split in personality experienced by Jim Carrey at that moment is much like what we are speaking of here in regards to the truth of dementia diagnosed individual – only the break-in personality did not happen suddenly, rather it took a process over time which slowly unravelled their truth to be surfaced. It is far more complicated than the registered chemical reactions occurring in the brain and any of the other physiological data compiled. None of it matters, and the only thing you can do is to open your mind to what I have said on recovery being by way of being true to who you are and speaking your genuine truth, without fear.

Time to open up to the new – for the future

Sure memory loss is a common symptom among many of the ageing generation, and yet again there are clients that I have worked with, who are 76 years old or more, who have more flexibility than most 35 years old, a body physique that would fool you into guessing at least two decades too short, and the energy and body movements of an active lifestyle. Of course, I always ask what is your trick and how has your routine looked during the past however many years, that allowed you such longevity in your body?

These individuals claim usually first and foremost, not to count the years or think of a time in a yearly or birthday anniversary tally. They also eat healthy, plant-based diets, drinking special spring water or alkaline waters, and practising meditations, yoga, and other outdoor activities – not a single respiratory issue, sleep problems, digestive, blood pressure, arthritis, not one of the common ailments or diseases which our ageing population are facing today.

The future, with your future self, is already reaching and entangling itself into this timeline of reality on Earth which we find ourselves in here and now. The right minds will know the limitless potential this type of discovery opens up.

Using your passions to build your house

  • Finding yourself in a daily job (5-7 days/week available)
  • Being present in your daily life, while going with the flow (no avoiding out of fears)
  • Agreements to communicate, participate in activities (leisure or not challenging – at least)

Underneath your day to day life and the chaos that often surrounds your daily routines, it is a true blessing that many people do not get to experience when they should find your happiness in accepting what you desire to do. How you envision a day happiest lived by yourself – and ensure that you make that into the reality of your life to be lived.

By simple imagination and focusing your attention on the intended outcomes, you are able to slip into a dream state, aka trance, and any meditative practices that hone in your ability to think and emotionally experience the feelings and thoughts which you will experience while coming into being with this practice, if done consistently and with true effort to feel the experience as if it were happening in the now. Magnetising the actual experience that you are reaching towards, intending to manifest in the here and now,

Visualise each night before bed

  • Work your way backwards through the day of all the things you had participated in and take note of any important facts that arose during the day
  • Have a clear (written out first) vision detailed with your desirable future career, house, family, and most of all life

If at first the manifestation or law of attraction presented in the practices outlined in the two options above fails; this is no excuse to give it up. And definitely do not declare the process to be faulty or a sham. The inability to magnetise the things which you desire is the most powerful and unifying gift that every one of us has.

Like all sports and every instrument – all skills take many hours of continuous practice and the running average of how long it takes an individual to really master or become an expert in their trade has been widely attributed to the practised 10,000 hours.

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.


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