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Making life easier for dementia patients: Dementia Awareness Week

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Within the UK alone 850,000 people suffer from dementia and numbers are set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. It has been predicted that 225,000 will develop dementia this year, that’s one every three minutes. Worldwide, 47.5 million people have dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s became the leading cause of death among women three years ago but was only the third biggest cause of male death at the time. Last year alone the dementia-linked death rate jumped by almost 20% among women and 16% among men. Dementia is now Britain’s biggest killer.

Living with dementia is hard work for both the patient and carer/relatives. There are drugs that can help with the symptoms of dementia but many patients find great difficulty in managing their medication, forgetting when to take them and often taking multiple doses.

Within the UK alone 850,000 people suffer from dementia.

PillTime has been designed to help patients manage their medication more easily. PillTime is a registered NHS pharmacy and receives prescriptions electronically directly from the GP and delivers the medicines, pre-packed by a team of experienced pharmacists and delivered discreetly to a patient’s’ door via tracked mail service. The patient’s medication is dispensed in easy to open pouches, organised in the order that you need to take them. Each pouch is clearly marked with the correct date and time of when the dose should be taken, making it easy to remember to take all of your tablets at the right time, every time and providing peace of mind.

Award-winning pharmacist Paul Mayberry comments: ‘Using PillTime.co.uk pouches makes taking multiple medicines easy for patients suffering from dementia. PillTime is an NHS pharmacy that dispenses NHS prescriptions generated by your GP. We help patients take the right medicine at the right time, exactly as your doctor prescribed.’

To learn more about PillTime, visit their website. You can also connect with them on Twitter @pilltimeuk and Facebook

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