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Decoding Health Insurance Waiting Periods and Finding the Best Health Insurance Plans for Young Adults

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Health insurance is a critical investment for young adults, offering financial protection against unexpected medical expenses. But understanding health insurance waiting periods is essential when selecting the best plan. This comprehensive guide decodes waiting periods, explores the best health insurance in India for young adults and provides valuable insights to make informed decisions.

What is waiting period in health insurance?

The amount of time you, as the insured, must wait before you can get all or a portion of the benefits of your health insurance coverage is known as the waiting period. It’s important to understand that during this waiting period, you cannot file a claim against your policy. 

For instance, the time you must wait before using certain special benefits, like maternity cover, is a typical waiting period you may encounter. For example, before you can truly benefit from maternity coverage, most health insurance companies will make you wait from 9 months to a year. You can raise a claim for maternity benefits only after the waiting period is over. Please note that you can still get coverage for other medical events, like accidents. Also, backdated claims are not allowed.

Health Conditions

Waiting Period

Pre-existing diseases (asthma, hypertension, etc.) 

1–4 years 

Psychiatric health conditions, bariatric surgery, specific diseases/illnesses 

1–2 years 

Maternity cover 

9 months–1 year 

Newborn baby inclusion 

9 months–3 years

Initial waiting period 

0–30 days 

Accidental hospitalisation 

0 day

COVID-19 coverage

30 days

Zero waiting period on ACKO health insurance

Waiting periods are not applicable to ACKO Platinum Health Plans. You don’t need to wait for different time periods to raise a claim. For example, you get coverage for a disclosed pre-existing condition from the start date of your health plan.

ACKO Health Insurance plans also have the benefit of zero deductions on approved claims. Although it may not be possible to shorten the waiting period for other Health Insurance plans on the market, you can opt for an ACKO Platinum Health Plans that has no waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

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Why are there waiting periods in health insurance plans?

  • To guarantee that the policyholder does not use health insurance to cover routine medical costs.
  • To ensure that policyholders have not engaged in misconduct.
  • To shield the insurance company from any unanticipated medical risk.

Finding the best health insurance plans for young adults

  • Research and compare plans. Make a thorough investigation of the various Health Insurance plans that are offered in India. Examine the features like premiums, coverages, and other benefits.
  • Examine network hospitals. Verify whether the insurance provider offers top-notch hospitals in your area. Greater network coverage equates to easier access to routine medical services.
  • Check coverage details. Examine the policy documents carefully to see what is and is not covered. Ensure to carefully consider expenses related to hospital stays, daycare centres, maternity, and pre- and post-hospitalisation charges.
  • Recognise the waiting period. Remember the waiting periods for other specialised treatments and pre-existing disorders. If at all feasible, select a policy with the least waiting period.
  • Check out the claim process. Learn how the claim procedure works. It’s critical to have a stress-free, seamless claim process during a medical emergency.
  • Consult a professional. Speak with an insurance advisor like ACKO if you’re unsure.

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Navigating health insurance waiting periods and choosing the best health insurance in India requires careful consideration of waiting periods, coverage, benefits, and insurer reputation. Young adults can secure their health and financial well-being by investing in a suitable Health Insurance plan tailored to their needs.

Take the first step towards comprehensive health coverage and financial security. Compare health insurance plans, decode waiting periods, and find the best health insurance in India for young adults. Contact ACKO for expert guidance and personalised assistance in selecting the best health insurance in India today.

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