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Want to Declutter Your House and Feel Good About It? Donate Your Items

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There is something amazingly healing about removing all the old junk and making everything neat and clean. Many people worry about cleaning out the clutter because they do not know what to do with it all. Some people consider selling their old items, but doing so can become overwhelming and time-consuming. No one wants to throw away usable things that someone else might appreciate. The only solution is to donate the items to a worthy charity that helps others.

Think about the home goals

Before considering an Easy Donation Pickup, people must consider their goals. Regard the objectives of cleaning out the clutter. Most people want to clear out the old to simplify their lives. Others want to eliminate the old to make room for the new. When the goal is simplification, streamlining the process is critical.

Individuals must predetermine they will get rid of everything in usable condition. Everything else must be tossed in the trash. Overthinkers will find this approach to decluttering much easier and less daunting.

Donate or garage sale?

Making this decision boils down to personal choice. Consider the items being removed from the home. What is their value? How challenging will it be to sell everything? Do you have the time to devote to yard sales or online auctions? Consider these carefully before deciding.

Advantages of donating

Donating offers many advantages in addition to helping worthwhile charities. Those considering donating their unwanted items should consider the following benefits.

  • People can get their unwanted stuff out of their houses immediately. Once you remove the old clutter, there is no reason for it to keep hanging around.
  • Those who need the donated items can get them for free or at a reduced price. Charities help people who cannot afford to pay full price for things.
  • People can take pride in doing the right thing to help others in their communities.

Many charities will come to a home or business and pick up the donation items so owners do not have to leave their homes to do the right thing. People must remember that donation centers do not take everything. Talk to the center in advance and learn about their donation rules. Make sure to select a center that will provide free pickups. Also, ask for a donation receipt for your taxes.

What are the advantages of having a garage sale?

A yard or garage sale can be an exciting undertaking, but it also takes a lot of work. The main advantage of having a sale is the ability to make money, though it is not guaranteed. When considering a sale, people must price their items carefully. High prices will keep people from buying, and costs too low will prevent you from making a profit. Research the going rate for brand-new items, and adjust the price according to the condition and age.

Many people find themselves having difficulties getting people to come to their sale, especially if they live in a lower-population area of the country. People may find they put in a lot of work and never make a dime. After the lackluster sale, individuals are left scrambling to find a place for all their unwanted items. Sometimes, people get upset and want to get rid of it by tossing it in a landfill. Most people choose donation for these very reasons.

Release attachments

One of the most complex challenges to overcome is letting go. As you clean out those closets, basements,  and garages, it is easy to get caught up in the sentimental or the possibilities. Many people fear getting rid of old items because they think they might need them someday. The memories can get everyone during a cleanout.

It sometimes helps to get another person to assist who does not have an emotional attachment to anything in the home. Getting rid of items from home can be cathartic, so do not be afraid to take your time. It requires sheer determination to clear out clutter from a home or business. Resist the urge to keep items for a rainy day.

Once people start seeing the results of their hard work, they become encouraged to keep going, and it gets easier to donate those unwanted items. As the piles of mess lessen and lessen, people want to donate more and more to clear up more space.

How to stay organised while decluttering

Getting organised is not easy. Staying organised during the process is critical for preventing frustration and wasted time. Consider the following tips to help you declutter with efficiency.

  • Clear off any flat surfaces, including countertops and tables. Remove everything and put it on the floor. Go through each item and start a pile for donation and one for trash. Only put the kept essentials back on the tables and countertops.
  • Those with limited time may need to pace themselves on the decluttering process, taking on one room at a time. This means working on a space for a single day or a week for some. Each completed room brings about a sense of accomplishment.
  • Some people wait for spring to get started on decluttering, but there is no better time than the present. It never hurts to make a list of the necessary tasks to accomplish. Crossing each item off allows people to see their progress.
  • Do not keep anything that you are not sure 100% you need. Things not used in over a year need to be donated. Putting things in boxes, no matter how pretty and adequately labeled, makes no sense if these items will never be used.
  • Decide on a one-in-one-out rule. For everything you decide to keep, you must get rid of another. People should also keep this rule when buying new items to bring into their homes. If they bring in something new, they must eliminate at least one thing.

Get started right away

There is no better time than the present to begin clearing out unwanted items from your home. Donation centers will happily come out and pick up any donated items. Donating these items is a win-win situation, helping declutter your home and someone else simultaneously.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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