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Debunking 9 Common Myths and Misconceptions About CBD Gummies

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CBD, or cannabidiol, has shown its benefits in the health and medical sectors recently. Its potent attributes have proven to be useful in fighting many diseases and symptoms. 

Among various CBD products, CBD gummies are one of the top choices among users. CBD gummies are tasty and easier to incorporate into healthy routines. 

However, while its uses and effectiveness may regularly go through scepticism, you may also hear about its many myths and misconceptions. 

This article is about the top nine myths about CBD gummies. We’re also going to debunk those misconceptions here in a while. 

Myth 1: CBD gummies make people high

Getting high on CBD gummies is a prevalent myth among those who may not be used to these CBD treats. People guess that CBD gummies can induce a psychoactive reaction in people, similar to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), an active compound you can find in marijuana. 

However, the reality is the opposite. CBD is non-psychoactive. It’s not like THC that can create the ‘high’ effect in the brain.

In fact, CBD gummies are made from both hemp and non-hemp plants. These plants usually contain about 0.3% or less THC. This indicates that there are low THC gummies available that have a fully nontoxic effect upon consumption.

What’s more, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that CBD is safe from abusive usage. It doesn’t make the users dependent on it. Rather, its therapeutic benefits for the body and mind are something to long for.

Myth 2: CBD gummies create addiction 

The myth goes that CBD gummies are addictive. They make people heavily dependent on them, which is absolutely not the case. 

CBD gummies are consumed by people who may not prefer CBD’s other available forms or products. Users love the gummies’ therapeutic effects, which can be easily integrated into their daily lifestyle.

The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence from WHO has verified that CBDs are free from any abuse or potential dependence. CBD products aren’t like THC. The gummies interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system and don’t leave any trace of dependency. 

Those who are sceptical about CBD gummies must understand the difference between CBD and THC. If you can consume CBD gummies responsibly, there will be hardly any risk of addiction.

Myth 3: All CBD gummies are the same 

Those unfamiliar with CBD gummies believe that all CBD gummies found on the market are the same. But, in reality, there are several varieties of CBD gummies. 

The point is that CBD gummies vary in quality due to their varied manufacturing processes. The primary factors differentiating CBD gummies on the market are the sources of CBD and how they’re extracted from the plants.

Standard manufacturing of CBD gummies involves extracting cannabidiol from organic hemp. Then, the samples are tested by a recognized third-party institution. 

Testing may include GC (gas chromatography) and HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography). Lab tests are run to check the purity and potency of the CBD extractions.

That’s why consumers should keep in mind that CBD gummies aren’t all manufactured the same. Instead, they should thoroughly research renowned brands, checking what methods the manufacturers apply to produce the main material. 

Myth 4: More CBD gummies for higher effects 

One of the common misconceptions about CBD gummies is that the more CBD gummies you consume, the greater the effect they’ll have on your mind and body. A big NO!

CBD gummies should be administered into the body depending on individual needs and the prescribed amount. The gummies should be taken based on your body chemistry, intensity of symptoms, and expected outcome. 

No two individuals will have the same requirements for CBD consumption. One might heal with a low CBD dose, while the other might require a higher dose. 

You may verify this by looking up major safety alerts over CBD products on authentic sources. This will share with you the bigger picture of proper CBD dosage. 

Most importantly, an individual can’t determine the dosage of CBD gummies for themselves. You must consult a professional healthcare specialist to have a prescribed dosage for your condition.

Myth 5: CBD gummies are all-round healer 

There’s a myth about CBD gummies: that these juicy, colourful chewables are all-time and all-around healers.

Debunking this myth, CBD gummies are proven to have lasting positive effects on various health conditions. But they never promised to heal every ailment that developed in the body. 

Some effective therapeutic benefits CBD gummies can render are:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Relief from anxiety 
  • Relief from epilepsy 

However, you can’t take CBD gummies as an alternative medical treatment, no matter how beneficial they are. Professional healthcare advice should be in place before consuming them as a supplement.

Besides, you must continue with your medical treatment for any physical or mental condition you’re suffering from. 

Myth 6: CBD gummies are an instant healer

Another phenomenal misconception that CBD gummies are surrounded by is that they’re instant healers. Truly, CBD gummies may be comforting in many health conditions, but never with an instantaneous effect.

It always depends on the individual’s physical condition, metabolism, dosage of CBD, etc. For a quicker effect, the gummies must get through an individual’s digestive system. Then, the substances must enter the bloodstream properly to function accurately. 

The longer the process takes for each individual, the more delayed it will be for someone to be healed. But don’t be impatient if you aren’t getting any quicker effects. Take your CBD gummies consistent with the doctor’s advice.

It will take time for the gummies to interact with your endocannabinoid system, leading to the expected results. 

Myth 7: CBD gummies are never too much 

Overdoses of CBD gummies won’t harm – that’s the notion out there among many new CBD users. That’s a total misconception. And dangerous, too. 

While CBD gummies come with low risks upon guided consumption, they’re not totally harmless when consumed excessively. Any medicine, herbal or allopathic, may turn on you if you overdose. It applies to CBD gummies, too.

Generally, CBD gummies are tolerable medicines, but they may have adverse effects on your body when consumed too much. Some side effects may include drowsiness, reduced or increased appetite, diarrhoea, etc.

So, never let the beneficial gummies act up on you by taking them in unprescribed amounts. Seek professional help for the right dosage.

Myth 8: CBD gummies are only adult-friendly

CBD gummies aren’t suitable for children. They’re only advised for adults. That’s not a fact.

Rather, under strict supervision and with a doctor’s advice, children and teens can consume CBD gummies to treat certain conditions in their bodies. One of the most notable conditions that CBD is reported to have improved is paediatric epilepsy.

However, it’s essential to check a child’s age, weight, symptoms, and overall health before prescribing the CBD gummies dosage. Remember, CBD products are still under extensive research. So, extra precautions for kids are necessary. 

Besides, considering the varied manufacturing processes of CBD gummies, you must prioritize the efficacy of the gummies for your child’s health and safety.  

Myth 9: CBD gummies are a gimmick – a marketing stunt

This one is more like skepticism than myth. Still, it’s interesting enough to be in our CBD gummies myth debunking list. Many believe that CBD gummies are merely a gimmick of talented marketers. 

They go on to say that CBD gummies are only as good as they look. There’s hardly any medicinal merit in them. This theory can be debunked by tons of studies and reports on CBD products, including gummies. 

The anecdotal evidence supports the potential of CBD gummies and firmly stands by the therapeutic benefits of these wonderful chewies. 

Obviously, you can’t shun the marketing excellence that is vital in promoting CBD gummies. But that’s only to spread awareness among people about its genuine, well-researched benefits.

You have to understand the facts and differentiate genuine CBD products from the exaggerated ones on the market. As we’ve related earlier, check the brands and their manufacturing processes, including material sourcing and third-party testing.

What you should consider before CBD gummies consumption

It’s okay to incorporate CBD gummies into your wellness routine. But you must consider several vital factors before doing so. In this section, we’ll discuss five such considerable factors.

  • Consider your health condition. If you’re already undergoing medical treatment, including medicines and regular tests, don’t opt for CBD gummies or any such products. It’s better to consult your doctor for a guided dosage if necessary. Your doctor may even tell you the health benefits of cooking with CBD recipes if you aren’t comfortable chewing gummies.
  • Consider CBD gummies dosage. It’s safe and wise to start on CBD gummies slowly. Overconsumption of CBD gummies is a surefire cause of various side effects. Consider your body weight and metabolism to ensure the efficiency of CBD’s properties in the system.
  • Check product sourcing and quality. Don’t rely on guesswork while choosing the right CBD gummies for you. Check the brand’s product sourcing method and third-party testing compliance. See if the cannabidiol was extracted from organic hemp and if it contains natural ingredients.
  • Prepare for possible interactions. It’s crucial to consult a professional healthcare specialist before opting for CBD gummies or any other CBD products. Let’s say you’re already taking some prescribed medicines. Adding CBD gummies to your treatment may lead to interactions between your current medications and CBD, like allergies, headaches, nausea, etc.
  • Beware of THC in CBD gummies. Various drug tests can trace THC in your blood if you’ve consumed it mistakenly. How so? There may be some CBD gummies in the market with traces of THC content.Check the packet of CBD gummies to make sure the THC content in the gummies isn’t more than 0.3%. Also, educate yourself on the local regulatory requirements for purchasing and using CBD products.

Bottom line

That’s our wrap-up on the interesting myths and misconceptions about CBD gummies. We’ve shared nine myths and debunked each of them with factual backup.

You’ll do better if you research CBD gummies and consult a professional healthcare specialist before integrating them into your well-being practice.

Furthermore, check the brands and their manufacturing processes to determine which CBD brand to use. Consider the five facts we’ve shared to enter the CBD gummies world.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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