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Deb Wilk is a retired teacher who divides her time living between the rocky coast of Maine and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the US. She enjoys spending her time with her newly retired husband, Barry, and their beloved black lab Sophie.

Deb has a bachelor’s degree in modern languages and a master’s degree in education. She spent much of her professional life teaching Spanish and French to middle and high school students. She also spent a good deal of time directing programmes and agencies serving high risk teen populations in inner cities in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Deb is currently a full-time blogger writing about bipolar disorder.  She uses her nearly five decades of personal experience living with the disorder to help and inspire others. She also contributes articles to several publications and is a guest blogger for other bloggers. This keeps her very busy, which keeps her very happy. She is passionate about writing and about sharing her lived experiences with this serious mental illness.

Deb is working on two books at the present time.  Her children’s novel, The Cottage at Clover Hill, is currently with a publisher.  She is also working with an editor on her personal memoir, Living My Best Life With Bipolar Disorder.

You can connect with her on Twitter @LivingBipolar_





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