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Dealing with Medical Anxiety

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For some people, being anxious is a more a consistent, permanent fixture that occasionally rises and swells more than one isolated event. This anxiety can encompass any number of topics, be rational or irrational, and might not even have any identifiable triggers. This is a condition in itself that’s worth seeking out professional help for if it’s something that you struggle with, but that can be made difficult if the anxiety centres around medical help itself.

Feeling medical anxiety is, in itself, a large umbrella term. It could be that you’re constantly anxious that something is wrong with you, but it might also be that when the time comes to check, you’re anxious about the process.

Therapy and counselling

The first option here is quite obviously to pursue psychological help. While many people might feel as though they’re able to live with their condition, experiencing extreme medical anxiety might be something that puts you in danger should you find yourself injured and in need of help. The right professional can begin to help you work through what you’re experiencing, potentially removing some of the threat you perceive around the field of medicine through gentle exposure.

That said, this type of help might be through exposure itself, which can make it difficult for you to seek it out in the first place. Many people experience a stigma around mental health professionals, and this might be your first step towards making progress on the whole.

Understand your options

The option of psychological help might be the one that you think of first, but it’s important to know that even if your anxieties are realised, and you seek medical help about something only for it to go badly, there is recourse available. Of course, in some cases, this might not yield the result that you want, obviously, you don’t want anything to go wrong at all, but it’s a step that can open up other options. If this problem occurred while you were looking for surgical help, enlisting Chicago surgical error attorneys can aim to provide you with the compensation necessary to correct the problem and provide some comfort. 

This might also prevent this issue from happening again to others, potentially putting more safeguards in place.


Compared to other options, this can feel less proactive. It’s easy to look at something like mindfulness – the act of being more aware of your thoughts and emotions – and dismiss it as being something that’s unable to help you without even trying it. To be clear, it’s important that you don’t expect this to cure your anxiety completely, but it’s about managing how you go about responding to the thoughts that follow you around all day. 

If you’re able to respond to them in a calmer and more rational way, you might find that, while they still exist, they don’t bother you as much as they once did. This sounds like a small shift, and it is, but it’s one that can have a substantial impact on your quality of life when it’s achieved.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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