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Davina McCall’s Pill Revolution arrives on Thursday – stats reveal the dangers of hormonal contraception

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Davina McCall’s new documentary “Pill Revolution” will air on Channel 4, illuminating the dangers of the contraceptive pill as she calls for a revolution on the most commonly used form of contraception.

Devina will explore the myths around contraception and the damaging side effects while suggesting how women can be better supported. 

With natural family planning tripling over the last decade (45% of pregnancies in the UK are unplanned, it was recently revealed), there is a spotlight on why people are choosing to avoid contraception altogether as people begin to realise the side effects hormonal contraception is having on their lives and particularly on their relationships.

Stowe Family Law (the UK’s largest family law firm) surveyed the impact of hormonal contraception on their relationships and marriages, which revealed some interesting stats.

  • Almost a quarter of women (23%) said that their relationship/marriage ended as a result of taking hormonal contraception. Of those, 46% of women initiated the split, and 64% later regretted the decision.
  • 87% of women blame hormonal contraception for poor physical and mental health.
  • 85% claim the side effects had been detrimental to their marriage or relationship.
  • 73% of women fear that the changes caused by hormonal contraception will negatively impact their relationships in the future.
  • 65% said they had to come off or switch to a different type of contraception because the side effects affected their relationship. With the upcoming documentary on Channel 4 in our sights, can I interest you in further statistics from Stowe’s survey or some commentary from a specialist lawyer? As the UK’s largest family law firm, Stowe can offer unparalleled insight into just how drastic the effects of hormonal contraception can be on romantic relationships, using Davina’s documentary as a springboard for discussion.

The survey results detail the distribution of contraceptives women use in the UK, breaking down the main side effects, how they affected their relationships, etc. 

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