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David Chorlton is the founder of Meaningful Paths, an online platform that helps you find meaning and well-being via digital products and coaching and connects you to meaningful community projects across the world.

David has over six years worth of experience in community development in developing countries notably Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and postgraduate certificates in Development Studies and Management with the Open University.

David is also a voluntary communications officer with Italian registered charity the Fondazione Cariello Corbino. He works with local charities and organisations notably on children’s health and well-being projects and is the co-founder of Skip It Community where people ‘skip’ unhealthy foods and habits and in return donate that value to the healthcare of children internationally.

David is also a Positive Psychology Practitioner (CPD-accredited) studying from Dr Itai Ivtzan with the School of Positive Transformation and also coaches emotional intelligence and mindfulness.



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