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Dates Brits Can Start Drying Clothes Outside Without the Risk of Heavy Rainfall Across the UK

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Tumble dryers can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on drying clothes. But these machines are one of the main contributors to Brits’ electricity bills. 

According to Ideal Home, per load, it can cost anywhere from £75.11 if you have a heat pump tumble dryer to a whopping £184.44 if you own a vented tumble dryer per year, based on an average electricity cost of 29p per kWh.

With the brighter days ahead, Brits will be able to take advantage of the sun to dry their clothes. Still, one question arises: When is the best time to start drying your clothes outside without worrying about them getting just as wet as when you first took them out? 

To create this estimation, The Underfloor Heating Store collected the maximum temperature, total rainfall and maximum wind speed in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff every day from 01 January 2018 to 31 December 2023. An average was then calculated for each calendar day based on the previous five years.

Once the first day’s average maximum temperature is greater than 16 degrees Celsius, the average total rainfall is below 1mm, and the average maximum wind speed is above 12 mph, it is marked as suitable to hang your washing outside. The UK average is calculated based on the previous five years of weather in all capital cities. 

After reviewing weather and wind patterns across the UK’s capital cities over the last five years, The Underfloor Heating Store pin-pointed the exact dates Brits should look to start drying their clothes outside: 

Dates Brits can start drying clothes outside without the risk of heavy rainfall across the UK




17 April 2024


19 April 2024


21 April 2024


14 May 2024

The data found that people living in London should start drying their clothes outside from 17th April, 2024, and those who live in Cardiff should look to start two days later, on 19th April 2024. 

Another two days later is when you will find the most suitable date for people living in Belfast to start drying their clothes outside (21st March 2024), while those who live up in Edinburgh should wait until 14th May 2024 to dry their clothes outside to avoid the risk of heavy rainfall.

David Johnson, technical and category manager at The Underfloor Heating Store, has explained why Brits should wait until these dates to put their clothes out to dry outside: 

“You want to avoid exposing your clothing items to any bad weather, especially high winds or cold spells, as this could damage the fabric. As we all know, UK weather can be unpredictable, but taking into account the UK weather patterns across the past five years, these dates are the best times to start taking your clothes out to dry while still assessing the weather on a day-by-day basis. 

“Drying your clothes outside not only will help you save money on your energy bill, but it’s also a much more gentle drying method that can help prolong the life of your clothing even further.

“To ensure your clothes dry effectively, spread out your garments as much as you can. This will help speed up the air-drying process and reduce the chance of your clothes getting damp patches.

“If you don’t have a rotary airer outside and plan to bring your indoor airer outside, make sure to position it in an area that receives the most sun exposure to ensure your clothes can dry as thoroughly as possible.” 

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