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Darren Rhodes is undertaking doctoral research into how the brain integrates information from crossmodal stimuli. He is using psychophysics and behavioural methodologies in order to investigate the temporal processing of information from different sensory modalities.

Rhodes previously spent time in US working at an education centre for underprivileged and underserved children from New York city in the mountains of North-West Massachusetts (www.christodora-summer.org).

He then moved back to the UK in order to pursue a degree in Psychology at Bangor University in North Wales. He completed his thesis on the effect of similarity in visual working memory under the supervision of Professor Kimron Shapiro. During his time at Bangor, he also worked with Dr Stephan Boehm, Dr Nick Davis and gained experience on stroke patients on ward with Professor Robert Rafal.

After completion of his degree, he moved to Saarland University in Germany in order to continue his research with Professor Hubert Zimmer into visual working memory and in particular the selective attention mechanisms that underpin encoding and maintenance of visual objects in working memory.

Rhodes is interested in how human sensory processing works at a neural and cognitive level. He is investigating how the brain combines signals from different senses in order to create an integrated perception of the world. His work at present focusses on temporal perception in the lab of Dr Max Di Luca.

He also have a vested interest in visual working memory and its interactions with selective attention. Rhodes has a great interest in evolution and its potential involvement in neuroscience. In particular, he has a great interest in how the brain has evolved in order to solve cognitive problems.

Credits to University of Birmingham

Published: 09 March 2014

Last update: 23 July 2018

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