Daniel Frings


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Dr Daniel Frings gained his PhD from the University of Kent in 2008 and, after a short period as a visiting researcher at University of California, Santa Barbara, joined London South Bank University (LSBU) the same year. He was promoted to the position of Associate Professor in 2015.

Since joining LSBU in 2007, Dr Frings has developed his research interests in social identity and group psychology, conducting both basic research and applied research with partners such as the MOD and the London Metropolitan police service. This has received funding from a variety of sources including the Economic Social Research Council, the British Academy, Alcohol Research UK and Cancer Research UK. During this process, Dr Frings has developed a track record of securing funding and producing international peer-reviewed publications.

Within LSBU, he currently serves as Vice Chair of the University Ethics Committee. He has experience with teaching and course design at all Higher Education levels, as well as being the Programme Director for the BSc Undergraduate Psychology courses from 2010-13. You can connect with him on Twitter @PsychItBetter

Credits: London South Bank University

Published: 06 October 2016

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