Dan Regan

“My mission is very simple – to help you break free of limitations and live the life you really want to live.”

And that’s exactly what Dan has been successfully helping people do for many years.

During that time he has helped hundreds of people overcome their problems and take positive control over their own health and happiness.

Dan operates out of three busy practices in Ely, Newmarket & Cambridge. His growing reputation has led to clients from as far afield as Eastern Europe and China seeking him out to work with.

The impact he has on people’s lives has been described as nothing short of amazing.

Dan has won business awards in recognition of his work to find the best and most successful ways of helping more and more people feel better. He has also been published in many local and regional publications.

Dan’s clients say that the results he helps them achieve are often simply life changing. You can read more about him and his services on his website. He’s also on Twitter @Hypno_Dan.

Credits: Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

Published: 30 September 2016

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