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6 Damages You Could Sue for After an Accident

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Figuring out the scope of your damages after a car accident can be rather tricky. Do you sue for your damaged car or just your health? How much compensation can you get? And what qualifies as damages in the court of law? A car accident law firm in Columbia, South Carolina, breaks this down by giving six damages you could sue for after an accident.

What can you sue for after an accident?

Medical bills

One of the most basic compensations you can receive as damages is for your medical bills. If you win the lawsuit against the faulting party, the court will require them to compensate you for all the medical costs you had to incur after the accident. This may include any checkups, medical examinations, surgical costs, aftercare or home care expenses, and pharmaceutical expenses.

However, you will need to present documents that prove your medical expenses. So ensure you safely store all your receipts and copies of your diagnosis and prescriptions.

Loss of consortium

The injuries you sustain from car accidents can sometimes interfere with your ability to relate with your family. If your injury affects your ability to perform conjugal acts with your spouse, your spouse may sue the at-fault party for loss of consortium. This category allows parents to sue for the effects that the accidents may have caused on their relationship with their children. 

Although some states do not allow you to sue for this loss as an independent charge, others will let you file separate charges. Ensure you speak to your lawyer and find out your options before filing the lawsuit.

Lost wages

Depending on the intensity of your injuries, you may not be in a position to work. You could sue for the lost wages you have had to incur as a result of your injuries. To get this compensation, you will also have to prove that you might have earned your wages if your injuries had not gotten in your way.

Lost opportunities

Surreal as it may sound, you can get compensated for any opportunity you lose as a result of your injury. This may be anything from a promotion at work to your child’s wedding or graduation that you missed because you were bedridden. It could also apply to money that you might have otherwise made if you were healthy.

Pain and suffering

Although pain and suffering might be a hard loss to prove, you can get compensation if you can prove it. Some of the damages you can claim are your mental health treatment or compensation for grief and trauma that may arise from the accident. A family member can also sue for the suffering that they have had to undergo since the accident.

Future losses

If your injuries are severe and may require continuous recurring treatments over an extended period, then you can sue for those future losses. Future losses may include hospital bills, surgical costs including reconstructive surgeries, therapies, and any other expenses related to your injuries. If you find it hard to calculate your future losses, speak to your lawyer and have them map out all those expenses with you.

When in doubt, ask

The process of establishing what to include or leave out of your claim can be rather hectic. You may encounter plenty of doubt as you file your claim for damages. Fortunately, a good lawyer is all you need. Your lawyer will guide you on any hitches you face. All you have to do is consult them whenever you face any uncertainty.

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