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Cytoplan Formulated Multi-Nutrient, Antioxidant, and Collagen to Support Skin Health from the Inside

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The Beauty Bundle is a new expertly formulated combination of nutrients from the market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan to help nourish healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

Combining three premium products, the Beauty Bundle includes a multi-nutrient, an antioxidant and a collagen supplement, all of which are best-sellers within Cytoplan’s range.

Professionally combined and available at a more accessible price point for those looking to go more than skin deep with their beauty regime, this bundle is an excellent choice.

Unique to the company, Cytoprotect hair, skin, and nails crowns the Beauty Bundle and provides a synergistic multi-nutrient and antioxidant complex specifically formulated to help support the health of hair, skin and nails.

This formula features cocoa extract (providing skin-essential flavanols), maritime bark extract (providing protective proanthocyanidins), bilberry extract (providing sun-protective,antioxidant anthocyanosides), beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, 13, 16 beta glucan and astaxanthin along with biotin, pantothenic acid (B5), vitamin C, silica, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and MSM (providing sulphur). 

Also included within the bundle is a vitamin C antioxidant formula which delivers a high potency of 1000mg of vitamin C per capsule and a 50mg boost of bioflavonoids, which naturally accompany vitamin C in fruit and vegetables and serve to aid its retention in the body.

To complete the bundle, users can choose between Cytoplan’s award-winning marine collagen (awarded Best Buy Natural Beauty Awards with Green Parent 2022) or the company’s new vegan collagen formula to provide structural support to connective tissue and to help improve skin moisture levels, healthy regeneration and to reduce inflammation and fine lines.

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has developed the Beauty Bundle to offer support for skin, hair, and nails from within, offering foundational nutritional support that works in harmony with the body and will fit into an existing regime that usually focuses on the ‘outside’ approach to beauty, helping to nourish the developing layers of new skin from within.

Amanda Williams, CEO of Cytoplan, who launched the new Beauty Bundle this month, said: “We always recommend a natural approach to health and well-being as this gives the best and most sustainable results.”

“The health of all our body tissue and organs is directly impacted by the food we eat, and the skin is no exception. The top layer of skin constantly renews itself and is replaced by deep layers that can take up to six weeks to develop.”

“The health, moisture content and integrity of the top layer of skin, called the epidermis, is directly impacted by our nutritional intake during the developing stages.”

“The epidermis is subjected to many environmental, hygiene and cosmetic influences which can alter its outward appearance, some healthful, others potentially damaging.”

“But the best results for health and beauty will always be achieved by ensuring the key nutrients for  skin health are ingested either via diet or supplements, combined with topical applications that protect and enhance the integrity of the epidermis, the visible layer.”

“Our new Beauty Bundle is designed to give you all the nutrients your skin needs for optimum health and beauty and a healthy glow from the inside out.”

The Beauty Bundle offers the option to swap from marine collagen to Cytoplan’s new vegan collagen, which caters to those following a vegan diet.

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health, and the company is dedicated to improving the health of the nation, both ethically and sustainably.

An independent British company wholly owned by The AIM Foundation, Cytoplan invests widely in health and nutritional projects across the UK.

It addresses issues such as global warming, community well-being and mental health. Every product purchased goes towards helping others. 

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