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Cytoplan Launches Discovery Bundle to Help Consumers Start Their Journey to Better Health with Premium Supplements

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The Discovery Bundle is a brand new supplement pack from market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan to support people at the start of their journey to improve their health with premium nutritional supplements.

Combining a wholefood multivitamin, an Omega 3 and a daily probiotic, the Discovery Bundle provides a nutritional foundation to fully support well-being as part of the Nutrition Gap philosophy: 

The bundle includes a premium multi-nutrient formula packed with bio-effective vitamins and minerals, a probiotic containing four billion bacteria per capsule to support digestive health and an Omega 3 essential fatty acid that is sustainably sourced from plant marine algae, making it suitable for vegans.

As the leader in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has developed the Discovery Bundle to offer a way for people to transition to premium supplements and access the proven health benefits associated at a more accessible price point to the consumer.

Containing three powerful products sourced with premium and sustainable ingredients that aim to bridge any nutritional gaps, the Discovery Bundle has been created to optimise health with superior nutrients from best-selling products already available in Cytoplan’s market-leading range.

Earlier research by Cytoplan found that due to environmental and lifestyle factors, the UK population could be experiencing a shortfall in their nutrient intake, which is referred to as the Nutrition Gap – the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet is obtaining from the available food and those nutrient and mineral levels identified by research as being needed for optimal health.

It is hoped that with the launch of the Discovery Bundle, Cytoplan has created a first step on the journey for many to try out and “experience the difference” in premium-grade nutritional supplements.

Amanda Williams; CEO of Cytoplan, who launched the Discovery Bundle this month, said: “Sub-optimal intake of essential nutrients and poor digestive health is linked to many of the prevailing degenerative diseases of our generation, and there are several factors as to why nutrient deficiencies exist today; from poor digestive health reducing our ability to absorb nutrients, the state of the soil in which our food is grown leading to nutrient-depleted food and the sedentary lifestyles we now lead.”

“We have been passionate for some time about everyone having the knowledge and opportunity to focus on disease prevention rather than treating the symptoms of the disease as they arise, and our philosophy has always been to try to improve the health of the nation both ethically at sustainably at Cytoplan with products that help bridge any gaps in nutrition.”

“We have designed the Discovery Bundle to allow easier access to supplements made from bio-effective, premium ingredients as they start to improve their nutrition and overall health.”

“We are proud to launch the Discovery Bundle and hope it provides a way for people to not only discover the power of supplements but to help empower people to take disease prevention into their own hands.”

The Discovery Bundle offers the option to swap in a specific whole food multivitamin, such as Women’s Wholefood Multi, and all products in the range are suitable for vegetarians.

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health, and the company is dedicated to improving the health of the nation, both ethically and sustainably.

An independent British company wholly owned by The AIM Foundation, Cytoplan invests widely in health and nutritional projects across the UK. It addresses issues such as global warming, community well-being and mental health. Every product purchased goes towards helping others. 

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