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UK-Based Cytoplan Launches Probiotic for Babies

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UK-based supplement brand and pioneers of Food State and Wholefood nutrients, Cytoplan has launched its long-anticipated first probiotic supplement for infants: Baby Biotic.

Baby Biotic provides a dairy-free probiotic supplement with three strains of bacteria known to be present in the gut microflora of healthy infants and designed to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine of the baby and support overall gut health.

Each gram of Baby Biotic provides 1.5 billion live bacteria and is available in powder form which can be added to milk and suitable for breast-fed and sell formula formula-fed babies from three months.

Baby Biotic is natural, healthful, gentle and free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours

Healthy gut microflora is important for normal immune health and protecting against atopic conditions such as asthma, eczema and allergies in adults, however, a healthy bacterial balance in babies can also easily be affected or disturbed by many factors. Labour and delivery mode such as a C-section, feeding with formula milk and other external factors such as the use of antibiotics in some instances can leave babies requiring safe and effective support for their digestion during the early months of their lives.

Combining three strains of bacteria know to be present in a healthy baby’s gut microflora, Cytoplan’s new Baby Biotic has been designed to help restore these native strains in times of imbalance, and aid digestion from three months onwards. The scientific supplement manufacturer; known best for its ‘food state’, organic and wholefood product ranges have spent three years comprehensively researching and developing their first baby probiotic supplement, one that has been supported by popular demand from practitioners and clinicians.

Furthermore, the product has been designed with the most rigorous quality control levels to ensure the safety of the product for infants. With much higher analytical requirements for products manufactured for babies under 6 months old needed, Cytoplan’s Baby Biotic complies in every way.

Amanda Williams CEO at Cytoplan comments: ‘A healthy level of friendly gut bacteria helps to reduce reflux and other common baby issues and our first baby probiotic supplement has been meticulously researched and created to deliver optimal support for babies in the early stages of life. In the first year of life, a baby’s digestive systems contain a high proportion of Bifidobacteria to help digest milk, and the prebiotic content of Baby Biotic helps to stimulate the growth of this and other healthy native gut bacteria, which in turn participates towards overall health and immunity. We are truly proud to be able to deliver our first infant probiotic and it serves as a natural extension to our successful pregnancy and infant ranges at Cytoplan.’

Baby Biotic is also dairy-free and suitable for babies from just three months old which sets it apart from other products in the market and has been in demand from practitioners for a number of years.

In new research published earlier this year, it was found that specific strains of probiotic Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacteria given to preterm babies along with breast milk helped to form a healthy gut microbiological environment to match those of babies born at full-term. The major study undertaken by the Quadram Institute, the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) found that probiotics can improve the microbiome in premature babies.

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