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Cybersex: Is It Infidelity?

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New technologies have changed the way we communicate as well as our relationships. Nowadays, dating and feelings start behind a screen. And desire too! So much so that today, we talk about virtual sexuality. Gleeden, leading site for the extramarital encounter in Europe, surveyed nearly 10,000 of its members  to better understand the importance of cybersex in their adulterous relationship.

Sweet nothings whispered into smartphones, explicit photos exchanged and other games of footsy via the screen upset our sexual habits. Cybersex came into being with the Internet, a practice that has experienced its heyday since the rise of dating sites. And for the unfaithful people, it is above all a way to keep up their extramarital relationship. At least, that’s what the latest Gleeden study shows.

Out of nearly 10,000 site members surveyed, 69% admit that they practice cybersex with their lover at least once a week, while 19% do so once a month or more.

73% of them consider that cybersex is essential to maintain their extramarital relationship and they regularly send sexual messages, photos, or videos to their lover. Figures proving how virtual sexuality has taken a significant place in modern relationships.

Virtual sex, real pleasure?

But can one really feel pleasure through a screen? It would seem so! Barriers fall on the Internet. Behind their screens, Internet users can free themselves from their complexes and fulfil their fantasies. For example, 91% of Gleeden members surveyed say that cybersex gives them pleasure.

Should virtual infidelity be considered infidelity? This is the grey area for ​​this new type of relationship.

New technologies have undoubtedly disrupted our perception of sexuality and relationships. An extramarital relationship today can be experienced just as intensely behind a screen. One day perhaps, virtual pleasure will supplant carnal pleasure.

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