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Culinary Expert Shares Secrets to Emulating Victoria Beckham’s Famous Fish Diet as Searches Skyrocket

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In the wake of the new tell-all documentary series on Victoria Beckham, online searches related to her diet have seen an exponential increase. It’s been revealed that the fashion designer and former Spice Girl has maintained a strict regime of grilled fish and vegetables for her meals over the past 25 years. Given the surging public interest, culinary experts have decided to dish out tips on how you can implement this diet, adding flair and versatility without compromising on nutrients.

The documentary series, aptly named “Beckham”, has resulted in a 339% spike in searches around the term “Victoria Beckham diet”. This surge is undoubtedly tied to the public’s fascination with Mrs Beckham’s physique, which she maintains by consuming grilled fish and vegetables for both lunch and dinner while also enjoying snacks like nuts, seeds, and avocados.

While Victoria Beckham’s twice-daily menu of grilled fish and vegetables might appear restrictive, culinary experts from HelloFresh UK contend that there are countless variations of this diet that can keep it interesting. Mimi Morley, senior recipe development manager at HelloFresh UK, noted: “People often assume that a fish-and-veggie diet would be monotonous, but the diversity of fish out there offers a wealth of possibilities. Plus, fish has a host of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, enhancing brain function, and being a vital source of vitamin D.”

Morley offers various suggestions to make fish recipes not just nutritious but also exciting. “Salmon is one of the most versatile fish you can cook, along with cod, due to its mild taste. You can create a range of dishes packed with nutrients,” she says. By using added flavours like fresh pesto, ginger, and tarragon, or even lemon aioli, the same core ingredients can turn into a variety of dishes.

“As for the accompanying vegetables,” Morley continues, “you can go for roasted butternut squash, green beans, tenderstem broccoli, or even roasted potatoes. It helps to bring diversity to your meals.”

She also mentions that inspiration can be drawn from various cuisines. “Adding feta can give it a Greek flair, pak choi for a Thai twist, or teriyaki sauce if you’re into spicy food.”

HelloFresh currently features over 100 seafood dishes, loaded with flavour and nutrients. These are ideal for anyone looking to incorporate a bit of “Posh Spice” into their diet, without it becoming a monotonous affair.

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