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4 Crucial Home Additions That Can Help Boost Your Wellness

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Today’s homes aren’t just where we come to after work but also our new offices, gyms and recreation areas. This means our homes are now more important spaces than before, especially for achieving wellness and other personal life goals. Whether you stay alone or share a living space with family and friends, making the best of the available space is crucial to achieving ultimate comfort and peace. Below, we’ll discuss the four crucial home additions to include in your design plan to boost wellness.

Hot tub

Modern hot tubs boast remarkable features and technical innovations to help you achieve your wellness goals. These tubs are fitted with massage hydrotherapy and aromatherapy features, soothing lights, and remarkable audio systems for the best relaxation experience. Some of the major wellness-related benefits you can enjoy from a hot tub include:

  • Stress relief. Achieve this by immersing yourself in an oasis of bubbling, warm water that helps ease tension and drain your stress.
  • Better sleep. Since your body temperature rises and falls when you enter and leave a hot tub, the quality of sleep tends to improve when you do this immediately before bed.
  • Sore muscle relief. Getting into the warm water with jet massage helps you enjoy a satisfying sore muscle relief session, especially after a strain or exercise.

A sizable hot tub can also help with family or friend bonding sessions where you can enjoy the jet massages as you chat your night away in a stress-free style. A hot tub also helps with meditation.

Large windows

Larger windows let in enough light and sun rays into your room to give you the coveted vitamin D without leaving your bedroom. If the room you spend a lot of time in doesn’t seem to bring in enough light, you might have to install an additional window for more lighting. Consider adding a roof window in your bathroom or upstairs bedrooms to improve lighting.

Roof and large wall windows might not be practical for some of your rooms without roof access or externally exposed walls. In such cases, consider a sun tunnel to reflect sunlight inwards to the room of your choice.

Smart thermostats

Home temperature and humidity levels are key to achieving ultimate relaxation and comfort. If some rooms are less exposed to optimal air and heat circulation, a smart thermostat can help individuals set their preferred temperature settings in their respective rooms. Setting the right temperature in your room will help you relax, be productive and easily achieve your daily targets. You can set up separate temperature zones for various rooms depending on the activities you perform in each room and the thermostat you’re using. If you live in Vancouver, BC, you can trust the roofing pros at Vancouver Roofing to perform any necessary upgrades.

Indoor plants

Live indoor plants are crucial for indoor aesthetics and improved air quality. The right plants will remove harmful chemicals from the air from fresh paint, varnishes and new carpets. What’s more, you get to enjoy a myriad of other benefits like:

  • Lower dust particles in the air
  • Improved concentration levels
  • Lower noise levels
  • Better relaxation in a welcoming environment

The most common indoor plants you can consider include the Peace Lily, Dracaena, Snake Plant, Pothos and Ferns.

All these factors will achieve varying wellness results for different users based on their local weather, home topography, and number of occupants, among other factors. It’s important to pick the best options for your conditions to optimise comfort and wellness.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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