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Critical Therapy Antidote Bolsters Mission Through New Subscription Service

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In recent years, the sanctity of therapy has been jeopardised by the infiltration of political ideologies, most notably critical social justice (CSJ), which some stakeholders argue threatens the core essence of therapy. Stepping into this deliberation is the Critical Therapy Antidote (CTA), a collective founded in 2020 to shield therapy from political encroachment and preserve its healing ethos.

CTA emerged as a response to growing concerns among practitioners, academics, clients, supervisors, and allied professions about the unchecked assimilation of CSJ into therapeutic practices. The founders envisioned CTA as a sanctuary for those worried about this ideological shift. Within a short span, CTA has become a robust platform, staunchly opposing CSJ tenets in therapy and vowing to keep the clinical space apolitical.

With a burgeoning global member network, CTA has swiftly evolved into a broad-based collective. Their mission resonates with therapy stakeholders across the UK, North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. CTA not only critiques CSJ’s influence but also provides support, advocacy, and resources to the increasingly beleaguered therapy profession.

Beyond its digital platform, CTA has fostered connections with like-minded organisations such as the Open Therapy Institute in New York. These collaborations amplify the voice against therapy politicisation and bolster the network challenging CSJ.

CTA has published the book Cynical Therapies, the first major critique of CSJ’s impact on therapy. Additionally, CTA currently hosts podcasts and provides peer consultation, support for practitioners and trainees, and resources to uphold traditional therapy approaches. Their initiatives consolidate understanding of apolitical therapeutic frameworks, especially among trainees.

Now, CTA has introduced a new subscription service called the CTA Network to support its sustainability. The network provides exclusive access to content and events for paying members. This funding stream grants financial stability without reliance on inconsistent income. The subscription service marks a critical step in CTA’s evolution.

Over the last three years, CTA has grown into a robust global platform opposing CSJ in therapy. The collective aims to maintain the field’s apolitical essence. Their expanding network resonates with practitioners, academics, clients, and allies worldwide who share concerns about preserving therapeutic integrity.

CTA’s multifaceted approach of publications, podcasts, peer consultation, and collaboration strengthens the collective voice against therapy politicisation. The new subscription service seeks to further CTA’s mission through a united community. Membership contributions offer financial sustainability and solidarity in upholding therapy’s apolitical tradition.

Carole Sherwood, one of the co-founders of CTA, emphasised the goals of the subscription service: “CTA will continue to provide timely articles and podcast episodes for professionals and the public. We hope, though, that subscriptions will enable us to develop CTA for the benefit of its members and the wider therapeutic field. In particular, we plan to offer training sessions and webinars on traditional therapy approaches, which will be available at a discounted rate for our members.

“In this way, we can maintain and foster the integrity of talking therapies and support trainee therapists in their understanding of a range of therapeutic approaches. Membership also offers the benefit of peer consultation groups, facilitated by experienced professionals, where members have the opportunity to discuss practice issues related to CSJ.

“In addition, members will have access to monthly talks from guest speakers, support groups for trainees, and a book reading discussion group. A membership area will be available on the CTA website, containing information and a noticeboard. Next year, we plan to develop a ‘Find a Therapist’ function on the CTA website. If you are concerned about the direction that your professional body is taking, please come and join us at Critical Therapy Antidote and help to shape the future of talking therapies.”

CTA stands at an important juncture, requiring support to maintain momentum. The network provides an opportunity to participate in their vision. Subscriptions empower CTA’s work today and ensure its endurance moving forward.

Sustaining CTA’s crucial advocacy begins with collective action. The new service invites participation in advancing their mission. With each membership, CTA moves closer to securing therapy’s apolitical future grounded in integrity.

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