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Creativity Unleashed: UK’s Top 10 Inspiring Cities to Visit Revealed

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Building on a rich heritage, the UK is a melting pot of culture brimming with creativity, inspiration, arts and innovation. But which UK cities are the most inspiring for creatives?

Intrigued, the printing experts at Aura Print ranked the UK’s most creative and artistic cities, considering factors from the density of art galleries and museums, theatres, comedy clubs, the street art scene, TikTok hashtag popularity to the availability of creative job opportunities and the number of art and design universities.

Crowned the UK’s most inspiring city, Manchester earned a remarkable 8.33/10 for its inspirational score. Having the highest number of comedy clubs outside London (2.13 per 100,000 people), the North West city not only fuels creativity with a bustling street art scene which garnered an impressive 60,782 Instagram hashtags but also had over 13 billion admiring the city on TikTok. The city’s crown jewel, The Royal Exchange, adds to its allure as the UK’s biggest theatre in the round, making it a must-visit for aficionados.

Brighton appears as another strong contender, scoring a remarkable 7.69/10. Boasting the highest number of art galleries and museums per head (16.24 per 100,000 people), the coastal city offers many artistic activities to pursue. Around 72 creative job roles are available in the city, almost 70% higher than its neighbouring seaside town, Bournemouth, in 14th, with a mere 23 creative job openings.

Following closely behind in third is Bristol (7/10). As the birthplace of the legendary Banksy and the host of Europe’s largest graffiti festival, Upfest, it’s no surprise that Bristol came on top regarding street art, with over 153K Instagram posts documenting the city’s colourful streets. Beyond the vibrant streets are 27 art galleries, 15 theatres and eight comedy clubs to immerse yourself in.

Next in line is London, the British capital, holding its ground at fourth place, receiving an inspirational score of 6.94/10. With its TikTok views towering over the rest at 90 billion, the capital doesn’t fall short of cultural activities for an artistic escape with a staggering 263 art galleries, 56 museums, and 218 theatres to visit and get inspired.

Edinburgh sits in fifth place, scoring a respectable 6.60/10. Known for its artistic flair and well-preserved architecture, the city has allegedly inspired J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Visiting the Scottish capital will provide you with 64 diverse art galleries and museums, 23 theatres and a huge annual art festival. Besides, The University of Edinburgh ranks 8th in the UK art and design league tables, drawing creative talent from across the globe.

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