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Creativi-Tea: How to Make Your Own Fruity Tea This National Tea Day

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As National Tea Day approaches on 21st April, data has shown that the average purchase of tea per person per week in the UK has reduced to 22g. So, is regular tea consumption on the decline?

New data from sustainable drinks brand, DASH Water shows that Google searches for “tea leaves” are up 16% in the last year, averaging 7,000 searches a month, while searches for “fruit tea” are up 8% in the same period. This suggests that tea sippers are looking for more natural ways to get their daily brew.

Elevating the tea experience to new heights while reducing food waste, experts encourage tea lovers to unleash their creativity and personalise their brews with a touch of fruity goodness by inviting tea enthusiasts nationwide to make their own tea concoctions with their leftover fruit.

Jack Scott, co-founder and CMO of DASH Water, shares the simple steps to embrace the spirit of National Tea Day by indulging in a cup of your own handcrafted masterpiece.

“Take your leftover fruit and slice carefully, removing any skin, pips, or seeds where necessary. Once sliced, preheat your oven to its lowest temperature. Line a baking tray and place the fruit on it, slowly baking the fruit in the oven until it’s dry and leathery with no moisture remaining.

Once dried, add a spice of your choice, like cinnamon or ginger, and steep with boiling water. For those with a sweet tooth, add honey, sugar, or syrup at this stage. Once steeped, strain out the dried fruit and enjoy the flavour of fruit-infused tea.”

Discover more ways to reduce food waste while sipping and savouring delicious drinks with DASH Water.

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