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Crafting Your Communication: Tailoring Messages for Diverse Networks

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In this generation of ever-widening digital intelligence, every social media platform has come to play a vital role in our lives. Whether it is about showcasing one’s outstanding creativity or promoting brand identity, no one is left unaffected by the sway of social media. However, not every social media platform is alike. If you are a social marketer willing to mature your brand online, you should master the art of communication on social media channels. 

That brings us to today’s valuable post on tailoring your message across different networks. Despite having common traits, every social media platform has its own voice. Whenever you constitute a social message, you cannot just post it on every platform without modification. 

So, here’s a guide on how to tailor your message for particular social media channels to convey your directives meaningfully to your audience. 

Why is tailoring messages for different channels important?

Content creation and distribution are the heart and soul of a successful marketing strategy. However, it is essential to discern that you may have like-minded audiences on all platforms, but the demographics will always differ. 

Audience preferences and communication approaches will be unique for each marketing channel in the social world. Especially when utilising social media to promote your brand and market your products, you must interpret the differences wisely. 

For instance, you can gain more followers on YouTube and Instagram by sharing video content that seems intriguing, while you have to adhere to more professional content networking on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The key is to fathom the unique characteristics of each platform and tailor your content accordingly to maximise audience interaction. Only when you administer the right content to the right crowd will your business flourish in the social media marketing world.

The art of tailoring messages to diverse networks

Now that you recognise the need to tailor your message to diverse networks, let us dive into some tips on how you can effortlessly master this art of communication. 


Let us begin with one of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook. Although the platform is old, it is still the king of social media platforms. So, if you aim to target an audience between the ages of 35 and 60, Facebook can be a great asset. 

Here is how you can ensure your message resonates with the diverse audience on Facebook:

  • Always create story-driven content focusing on your target audience.
  • Add images to your long posts as they get more engagement.
  • Add links to your website using the bit.ly link to track your Facebook traffic.
  • Facebook Live videos have become quite popular lately.
  • Utilise marketing tools to grow your business quickly.


The next big thing in this generation is Instagram. With over 1 billion active users every month, Instagram has been rising as the most used and trusted platform for businesses and brands. While most brands are afraid of Instagram for being a time-consuming commitment, you will not regret the outcome. 

Here is how you can attract a wider audience on Instagram in a precise manner:

  • Focus on quality, short-form video content. Good-quality and entertaining reels always have a chance of going viral.
  • Don’t waste your time on a 1,000-word sales promotion. Instead, work on visuals like photos with captivating fonts and graphics. 
  • Utilise Instagram Stories to connect with your audience. Human interaction can improve your brand’s image.
  • Do not spam with multiple posts. The key is to post once or twice with high-quality content.
  • Use your visionary skills and get innovative with your captions and keywords. Use trending and relevant hashtags to gain more traction


Every influencer’s dream is to earn some good YouTube money. Well, it is attainable. If you truly want to become a popular icon on YouTube, you must learn how to tailor your content to connect with your audience. 

Here is how you can gain traction on YouTube:

  • Stay on trend. The aim is to make Shorts videos to reach a wider audience in a short period of time.
  • Be honest with your audience. Using click baits and falsely attracting viewers will not get you anywhere. 
  • Use captivating thumbnails with the right keywords. YouTube has an audience of all ages. So, make sure your thumbnail is neither too complicated nor too simple. 
  • If you have a good camera, use it! YouTube is all about visuals and editing, not long descriptions with promotional links. 


LinkedIn is a growing social networking site, mostly profitable for businesses selling to other businesses. Most people connect on LinkedIn only for business purposes, trying to connect with potential employers and employees. 

So, here are some ways to attract deals on LinkedIn:

  • The thumb rule is to keep things professional and not personal. You have Facebook and Instagram to share your personal affairs. 
  • It is the best place to share long-form articles and informative pieces concerning your company. 
  • Focus on building relationships by joining relevant groups, connecting with like-minded people, and participating in discussions. 
  • While you can share images, leave colorful visuals for platforms like Instagram. 


As you can see, each platform demands different interactions. While Instagram seems more entertaining with eye-catching visuals, LinkedIn sounds professional with formal discussions.

Hence, whenever you are trying to send a message to your target audience, you have to modify your message according to the particular platform. While the context and the meaning will remain the same, the audience preference will require some consideration.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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