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COVID-19 Webinar to Reveal New Rapid Tests and Self-Sterilising Mask Developed at Ben Gurion University

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New and previously unannounced developments to address the shortage of tests and masks worldwide will be discussed on an upcoming webinar presented by American Associates Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. To participate in the Zoom webinar on Tuesday, 07 April at 5pm UK (19:00 Israel time). Please click here

The new tests are some of the more than 50 initiatives underway as part of the BGU COVID-19 Response Effort. These each require financial support, and AABGU has announced its commitment to raise emergency funds, enabling BGU to participate fully in the world’s efforts at mitigation and containment. Contributions can be made online.

Two-minute test for COVID-19

Professor Gabby Sarusi, PhD

Deputy Director of Research, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Professor Sarusi, Deputy Head of Research at BGU’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and RAM-Group Global, a sensor design company based in Germany, have developed an electro-optical system that identifies coronavirus carriers in approximately two minutes with greater than 95% accuracy and a significantly lower cost per test than current available methods. The new system can be deployed in hospitals, at ports of entry or large events, and should be available within a few months. The hand-held, point-of-care device records and shares the results to facilitate virus tracking as well as triage and patient treatment.

Self-sterilising reusable face mask

Dr Chris Arnusch, PhD

Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research 

Dr Arnusch, of BGU’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, works on water purification by developing membranes with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. For the past five years, he has concurrently been working on air filters with enhanced anti-viral properties. The air filters could then be incorporated into individual face masks that are self-sterilising. They could also be adapted for ventilation systems in buildings and for use in vehicles. Dr Arnusch is teaming-up with immunology experts to test the air filters and their anti-viral effectiveness.

Distress, compliance, and public policy

Professor Golan Shahar, PhD (clinical psychologist) and Professor Nadav Davidovitch, MD, PhD, MPH (Director, School of Public Health)


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