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Revealed: The Best Countries to Relocate to for Relaxing and Exploration

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When relocating to a new city, there are important factors like employment rates and cost of living that you might want to consider first. However, once you’ve unpacked your cardboard boxes and settled down, you’ll want to explore and make the most of everything your new country has to offer.

Packaging experts RAJA UK has ranked 25 cities in the world on a variety of factors to find the best place to relocate to for your well-being.

The best places to move to make the most of your weekends

Whether you’re working remotely or you’re relocating for better job prospects, you’ll want to make the most of your weekends to explore your new city. This will not only help you assimilate into the city better but also give you a chance to unwind, relax and look after your overall well-being.

RAJA investigated the best place in each city to do just that, and considered factors such as the cost of a day out.

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Not only does Chiang Mai score a perfect 10 for Cost of a Pint and Cost of National Dish, which will set you back £1.77 and £1.55 respectively, it also scores a 10 for healthcare.
  • A fun day out in this city will set you back at just £6.42, which includes a visit to Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara, an impressive temple that is a must-see in the city.
  • On days you want to relax, take a wander around Doi Inthanon which is a national park that sits on top of the highest peak in Thailand. 

Tokyo, Japan

  • Tokyo scores an impressive 9 for both Healthcare and Safety on the index.
  • A day exploring this vibrant city and the Meiji Shrine will set you back £23.06. If you want to explore the gardens and the treasured hall that surround the shrine, it’ll only cost you an extra £3.19.
  • Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by venturing to Ueno Park, a public space where locals like to relax. 

Berlin, Germany

  • For a cheap pint and an excellent quality of life, look no further than Berlin which scores an impressive 8 and 7 for these factors respectively.
  • £29.17 is what a full day out will cost you in Berlin, which includes a trip to the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Unwind in the relaxing Berlin Dahlem Botanischer Garten, which is the city’s best botanical garden.

Austin, Texas

  • The Price of a Pint score and the Quality of Life score helped Austin take 4th place on the index with an 8 and 9 respectively.
  • A fun day out exploring everything Austin has to offer will cost £36.33, which includes a free tour around the Texas State Capitol.
  • For a relaxing activity that comes with amazing vistas of the city, take a hike up Mount Bonnell and enjoy the parks and greenery on the way.

Zurich, Switzerland

  • Zurich scored a perfect 10 for the metrics average wage, quality of life and safety.
  • But it doesn’t come cheap. A day in Zurich will cost you around £64.61, although this does include a visit to Lake Zurich, which is free to enter. If you wish to enjoy the amenities it has to offer, however, you will have to pay up.

Melbourne, Australia

  • Melbourne is the place to be if healthcare and quality of life are the top of your list, as they scored 7 and 8 respectively.
  • £37.63 is what it’ll cost you to make the most of what Melbourne has to offer. This includes a visit to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, where you can look at all the exotic plants and flowers houses.  
  • Elwood Beach is the perfect place to escape when you need some much-needed rest and recuperation.

Vancouver, Canada

  • Cost of a Pint and Quality of Life both earned the highest scores for Vancouver with a score of 8 each.
  • A day out in the city, including visiting the iconic Stanley Park, will set you back £38.50. But if you want a guided tour and to take part in the activities at the park, it’ll cost an additional £60.
  • Canada is well known for its serene lakes, so take advantage of Sasamat Lake when you want to unwind.

Making sure that you take time to look after your well-being is just as important as earning a good income and finding a nice home to settle into. Discovering new relaxing havens in a new city can help ensure you can recharge ahead of a new working week.

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