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How Counselling Combats Stress and Prioritises Mental Health

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While a certain amount of stress can sometimes be a good thing, many people have too much negative stress in their lives. It can result from various things, including mental illnesses, busy schedules, and unmanageable relationships. 

Counselling can help you prioritise your mental health, but too many people still have qualms about trying it. If you aren’t sure if counselling services are right for you, here are a few reasons why you should give them a try.

Talking helps

Many people accumulate stress on a daily basis without having an outlet to release all the pent-up stress. It leads to mental breakdowns, depression, and high anxiety levels. Substantial amounts of stress can also cause physical symptoms, including stomach problems and headaches.

Whatever the reason for stress in your life, counselling services in London can boost your positivity and get rid of unwanted stress.

The NHS claims that simply talking to someone about the daily stresses of life could give you an outlet for your stress. Sometimes talking out loud about your situation with someone can give you a new perspective. You may even find the answer to a problem you are having just by talking it through.

Getting advice

Simply talking to someone can help combat stress, and most counsellors also offer advice about managing stress on your own. The advice they give you could be anything from breathing exercises to writing exercises. While these exercises and advice could help alleviate stress in-between counselling sessions, you will most likely still need to attend the sessions.

However, some counsellors do not offer advice and are simply there to help you find your own advice. You might find that you don’t need their advice after all, even if they offer it. Just make sure you find the type of counselling you need by asking about how they do things before your first session. 

Restoring relationships

Some counsellors offer group sessions, which could help you restore broken relationships. Couples counselling can be beneficial if you and your partner both accumulate stress. It could also help restore communication for couples who have a lack of communication.

These sessions can be helpful for couples, family members, and even friends to reduce tension and stress in relationships. Some family members choose to have group sessions. This could be for mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and even for the whole family. Sometimes talking about problems together can help families figure out solutions together so that the whole family can be a small support network.

Helping others

If you need help managing your stress and finding someone to talk to, your friends and family may need help too! If you have young children, the best time to start conversations about mental health is now. 

Most counsellors offer sessions for children as well as teenagers. You could also share tips and advice you got from your counsellor with your friends and family.

If you find a specific counsellor you like, you may want to suggest them to your loved ones. Many people would go to counselling if they knew more people they trust were also seeking it. Telling your loved ones about your counsellor shows that you not only care for their physical well-being but also their mental state.


With all the benefits that counselling can provide, why not try it? If you find yourself becoming too stressed, why not schedule a session? Prioritise your mental health so that you can focus on the things that are important to you. With the right counselling services, you’ll be on your way to a stress-free life!

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg.


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