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What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do – And When to See One?

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Cosmetic dentistry focuses on providing professional dental care for the purpose of improving the appearance of teeth and gums. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures are often not essential to the patient’s oral health, they help improve their self-esteem, which is why the industry is growing more and more popular every day. 

These procedures help the patients overcome their insecurities and restore their confidence in their smiles. If you’re unsure about when is the best time for you to visit a cosmetic dentist, this article has the answer. In the following points, we’ll explain what cosmetic dentistry is and highlight the most prominent signs that indicate you need to see a cosmetic dentist. 

What cosmetic dentists do

Cosmetic dentists work in a field that involves a wide range of procedures. Their responsibilities range from minor fixes that improve the patient’s oral health to major surgeries on the mouth and teeth. To get a closer look at some of the procedures these dentists perform, cosmetic dentistry in Broomfield has put together a list that describes each one in detail. Here are the procedures they most commonly handle. 

Whiten your teeth

Cosmetic dentists perform routine teeth whitening procedures. If you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages, smoke, or take any kind of medication that may cause teeth discolouration, you might need to go in for a teeth whitening procedure. During these procedures, cosmetic dentists clean the teeth from all built-up debris, tartar, and plaque, then bleach the surface of the teeth to brighten their colour and give you a beautiful, sparkling smile. In cities like New York, you can find OTC products and solutions to teeth discolouration. However, Dr Kate Brayman explains that while whitening toothpaste, strips, and mouthwashes might give you satisfying results, professional teeth whitening procedures will give you whiter teeth that are up to 8 times brighter. They are also more effective than most natural remedies, and unlike other teeth whitening techniques, they give you instant results.

Teeth straightening 

Teeth straightening procedures are done on crooked teeth that cause discomfort for most patients and lower their self-esteem. Since crooked teeth can ruin any beautiful smile, those who suffer from this problem often seek the help of a cosmetic dentist to help restore their confidence in their smile. Most traditional dentists would partner with orthodontics to prepare for the procedure and come up with a coordinated care plan to provide the patient with the best treatment possible. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist is qualified to handle such procedures and perform special treatments that straighten crooked teeth without additional help. Whether the treatment involves braces or porcelain veneers, these dentists can recommend the best solutions to fix their patients’ smiles based on their case. 

Replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity for most patients. When you smile, you don’t want people to notice that you’re missing a tooth, not to mention that missing teeth leave empty gaps in the mouth that can lead to bone loss, which is why it’s one of the most important procedures that cosmetic dentists specialise in. If you lose any of your teeth, it’s very important that you make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. Treatment varies depending on each patient’s case, but the most common procedures involved include crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants, all of which serve the same purpose: replacing missing teeth and preventing bone loss. Many patients reported that their confidence in their appearance was restored after visiting a cosmetic dentist and replacing their missing teeth.

When to see a cosmetic dentist?

There are many reasons that lead patients to seek dental help. One of the main reasons is stained teeth, which happens as a result of consuming too much teeth-staining food or beverages, such as coffee, tea, soy sauce, tomato paste, and red wine. Teeth staining can also happen due to excessive smoking as the tartar sticks to the surface of teeth and builds a yellow-coloured layer that often causes tooth decay. 

In most cases, professional teeth whitening and bleaching can fix this problem. Another reason that people see cosmetic dentists is to fix crooked or uneven teeth. Not everyone is born with naturally even teeth; some people have teeth of different sizes and shapes, which makes chewing and eating significantly harder for them. It also affects how they see themselves and their self-esteem. Teeth straightening procedures are carried out by cosmetic dentists to fix this problem and help these patients regain their self-confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry is a speciality that deals with dental problems relating to the appearance of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Back in the day, people didn’t have the luxury to undergo dental cosmetic procedures to improve their smile and restore their confidence. But, thanks to the advancement of science and technology, oral cosmetic procedures are now more accessible to the general public, and people can see doctors who specialise in improving smiles and fixing minor imperfections that affect how they feel about their appearance. 

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