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How to Infuse Hygge to Your Home – It’s Mood of Cosiness and Comfort

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Tell me about your day. Tell me about your life. Tell me about your family. After all, how I live – or how others live – may be very different. Every home is unique and suitable to its inhabitants and its settings constantly adapting to the rooms one can relate to. Comfort, happiness, functionality, and attitude of designed belief are key ingredients that complete the home with people who live in. Reaching the goals of your lives may not be that attractive if you have missed living life completely in its moment.

Good purpose and good design

It isn’t fair to say that most of us are living comfortable lives now. The principle of perfect comfort to design must make it easy and possible to live the life you are living. Good design must fit in the location or the history of the place with perfect surroundings unique in its own way. It’s a big investment on its own. So, decorating and styling it to suit your personality and lifestyle add to the good purpose towards happiness. Being true to the taste is good rather than following a fad trend.


We don’t always live in the same house and keep amending according to the tastes of members of the family. Multifunctionality is the key to comfort and space. Mixing together the things you dreamed and show off your personality dwells fun with no real rules to enjoy the looks, be it ‘Ancient Vintage Theme’ or ‘Modern Vegas Theme’. ‘Small house conceals a lot but reveals a lot’ is a bonus to receive exquisite happiness in the living.

Be authentic

Trendy and unavoidable things reflect your personality. Stay away from apologising for your style. Add some retro-accessories to update the rooms, kitchen, backyards, walls or each corner of the house of say 1950s. Embrace and enjoy the decorations with pride. Style in a way that every time you enter the house, gives you the energetic thrust of happiness full of enthusiasm and you feel inspired blending all the elements thoughtfully.

Lifestyle decor

Decorate to display your style for your lifestyle. Avoid the slick look and follow more aesthetically pleasing stuff. Save up for things you love rather than compromising. After all, you don’t want to go down finding all for the wear and tear. Travelling and exploring styles will help inject new exuberant life.  Enjoying the cohesiveness of it gives happiness rather than a mishmash.

Hygge approach

Re-do the feeling of your space to bring varied concepts that welcomes vigour to your life and home. Splash of colourful happiness should be fixed with key elements that unify the looks chosen by you to gravitate towards simple yet gorgeous living. Efficient, organised, comfortable as enjoying life’s simple pleasures – known as hygge (pronounced as ‘hue-gah’), to create a space free of clutter is what helps celebrate health and happiness.

Without being too overwhelming, the pleasant, soft and light touch to your homes enlightens the happiness of nature along with you. Not only it looks cheery and festive all the time but it makes you feel extremely satisfied.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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