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From Corporate Burnout to High-Performance Coach: Anna Mosley’s Journey with Eighty

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In a world where corporate burnout is rampant and achieving a balance between professional and personal life seems elusive, Eighty emerges as a beacon of hope and success. Since its recent rebranding, Eighty has been making waves. Anna Mosley founded the company after suffering from severe corporate burnout and going on to become an award-winning mental fitness and high-performance coach.

Anna Mosley’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Struggling with extreme perfectionism, overwhelm, anxiety, and loss of confidence following a major breakdown in January 2017, she sought the help of an incredible coach. It was at this crossroads that Anna chose a new path and became a coach, having stabilised her life, deepened her foundations, and rebuilt her self-esteem. Today, she stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the effectiveness of professional coaching.

Eighty’s impact on its global corporate clients is a testament to its innovative and disruptive approach, as it bridges the gap between mental fitness and high performance like no other. The company’s rebranding has brought forward-thinking, edgy, and highly impactful coaching methods to the forefront. Clients consistently praise the impact, simplicity, and effectiveness of Eighty’s delivery, noting the high energy and engaging manner in which Anna imparts her ‘6 Simple Steps to Unlocking Full Performance Potential’.

Anna’s dedication extends beyond her professional achievements. As a mumpreneur to two young girls, she has successfully created a thriving lifestyle for herself, proving that balance and high performance are not mutually exclusive. Her approach dispels the myth that being high-performing necessitates working excessively hard. Instead, she teaches high achievers how to reach peak performance as a result of a thriving mindset operating at the low end of the “stressometer”, which Anna labels the “high performance zone”.

Anna teaches clients that discomfort equals growth and that vulnerability is a superpower, getting leaders and their teams comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to drive commercial results.

Anna’s qualifications underlie her expertise. After securing a Management with French degree from Nottingham University, she embarked on a successful global leadership career path, beginning with L’Oreal’s Management Trainee graduate programme. She further honed her skills by becoming a mental health coach and later a master NLP practitioner, on her mission to upskill teams in business and learn how to nurture a high performance culture for success.

Her work has identified issues of lacklustre leadership, low levels of accountability, and poor mental fitness in the corporate world, which she now counters through championing self-leadership, a growth mindset, and challenging the norm to achieve the extraordinary.

These credentials have equipped her to coach a diverse range of clients over time, from children to CEOs, addressing anxiety, depression, and trauma with unparalleled insight, energy, and empathy.

Eighty’s programmes, ranging from 3 to 12 months in length, have transformed the lives of many, particularly in the recruitment sector. The testimonials from global brands highlight Anna’s knack for making complicated topics simple, making concepts stick, and embedding long-term learning and cultural change.

Her soon-to-launch podcast, ‘80% Perfect,’ will reinforce the belief that striving for 80% allows individuals to achieve 100% performance by maintaining balance and mental clarity.

Praising the services of Eighty, GHD’s former head of people Nicole Farncombe said: “Wow, just wow, Anna Mosley, your session today was outstanding!”

Tom Dove, Founder, Fraser Dove International: “Without doubt the best training I’ve had in my entire career.”

Anna Mosley’s philosophy is encapsulated in the belief that “80% is enough”. By embracing this mindset, individuals can achieve clarity of thought, be present, and thrive in the high-performance zone. The unique 80% methodology promotes working smarter, not harder, leading to enhanced decision-making, increased creativity, and reduced stress.

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