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#CoquetteCroquettes: TikTok and Pinterest Users Hilariously Mix Up “Coquette Core” with “Croquette Core”

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Fashionistas on Pinterest and TikTok are swapping slip-on heels for potato peels as users have misguidedly mixed up searches for “coquette core” with the crispy, potato-y goodness of “croquette core” when searching for inspiration on the viral trend.

On TikTok, the #coquettecore trend has seen an impressive rise recently, with the hashtag surpassing 1 billion views overall in January. But what is it? The aesthetic epitomises girly-girl fashion and hyper-femininity, featuring frills, lace, satin, and, of course, all things ribbon.

However, hilariously, meal-box delivery provider, HelloFresh has shared tips for those mixing up coquette with croquette on how to make their own croquettes at home, but with a girly, coquette aesthetic twist, as 611.3K TikTok users confuse the two terms.

Choose a chic filling

Elevate your croquette game with a chic filling! Mix smoked salmon, dill, and cream cheese for a taste that’s as graceful as your #coquettecore style. 

Simply mix finely chopped smoked salmon, dill, and cream cheese into your mashed potatoes before shaping.

Give them a girly shape

Ditch the mundane and opt for more stylish shapes! Use heart- or flower-shaped cookie cutters to give your croquettes a cute twist.

To do this, lightly coat your cookie cutters with flour and place them on a baking paper-lined tray. Fill them with mashed potatoes, flatten them by scraping off any excess potato with a knife and then freeze them for five minutes until they can be picked up without losing their shape.

Serve on frilly platters

Presentation is key! Serve your croquettes on frilly, laced platters or doilies to elevate the overall feminine and elegant appeal. Also, consider garnishing the platters in edible flowers and fresh herbs to finish off the girly-girl presentation.

Add ribbon accents

Make your croquettes more than just a snack and turn them into a fashion statement on your plate by adding ribbon accents to your platter to add the final touch to the #coquettecore aesthetic they deserve.

Once your croquettes are cooked and placed on your platter, add a touch of elegance by tying ribbons into small bows and dotting them around the edges of the platter. Voilà, coquette croquettes, because everything tastes better with ribbon accessories.

HelloFresh’s Senior Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, remarked: “Honestly, I can’t blame anyone for the mix-up. The words are so similar; I just find the idea of a trend where people aspire to achieve the aesthetic of a deep-fried ball of mashed potato rather than the coquette fashion trend utterly hilarious.”

She added: “Who says food can’t be chic? We saw this as the perfect opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and fuse fashion and flavour to help people create their own coquette-style croquettes. And yes, we know how ridiculous that sounds.”

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