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Coping During COVID-19 – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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The team at Saint Francis Hospice has been thinking of you all during the coronavirus pandemic. They know it hasn’t been, and still isn’t, an easy time for many.

The Hospice’s Family Support team has got together to produce some short films to help you and your family through the situation we currently all find ourselves in.

The first clip is from Emily Gray and Stella Christou, who are family and child therapists at the Hospice. They explain how creating a ‘lockdown memory box’ can give your child or children something positive to focus on if they’re missing normality or experiencing anxiety due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The box is for memories, thoughts and feelings that belong to your child or children, and can contain all types of memories, even the difficult ones. 

The second video is from one of the Hospice’s social workers within Family Support, Briony Townshend. Briony shares a gem of a tip to help anyone of any age to overcome stress and anxiety, called ‘box breathing’. This is a powerful tool that you can tap into to overcome racing thoughts and relieve muscle tension, anytime or anywhere. The exercise revolves around something that happens quite naturally: breathing. 

The Hospice hope these films help you and your loved ones, and they’ll speak to you soon.

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